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T-Vixen Cycle Question


Hi all,

My wife was thinking about a short cycle.

How about 10mg/day Anavar for 5 weeks.

Any suggestions or comments?



what is she looking to accomplish with it?



Hi Mike,

More muscle, less fat. I don't know. Her goals aren't as well-defined as mine. She likes lifting. She likes how she looks when she lifts.

She doesn't want to get "big". But she does want to increase muscle mass.

I don't know what that means, either.

I figure Anavar is pretty good at cutting and the gains are good quality, but not major.

She's pretty lean but she's in her late 30's now and wants a little help. It is the American way after all. Better this than anti-depressants, right?

What do you think? 10mg/day, 20mg/day?



I am by no means an expert, and there are probably much more qualified people on here who will chime in, but 10mg/day sounds good to me. If a woman is going to use androgens, it seems to me she should start off low and increase slowly if needed.


bro, I would suggest 10mg/d in divided doses if possible. Try this for a handful of weeks at most and reevaluate things...but be sure that she has a good foundation of knowledge on training,eating,etc...please keep me informed on her response as my g/f has popped the question a number of times but i keep telling her to be patient with it.