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Hey T-men, I’m 14 years old. T-mag has turned me into a real man - strong as hell, undefeated wrestler, and doesn’t give a ----. I am very worried about my dad though after reading this week’s Atomic Dog. He used to tell me stories about his younger days, getting kicked out of school and stuff, lighting fires in his basement, and he was a hell of a wrestler too. But now he’s so prissy. He doesn’t want to watch cool movies with me because he says he doesn’t like the violence. He NEVER wants to sit down with me to watch a football game. He is always forced out shopping with my mom. I think the combination of his profession (psychiatry) and my mom has sucked the testosterone right out of him. Any tips to get my dad back?

Love him for what and who he is- unconditionally- as he does you !
Know that the man is trying his best to be a good husband, father and provider. Find teh common ground of things you both enjoy and cultivate them. Let him live vicariously and proudly through your own victories. I am 36 and thanks to prostate cancer, my father is in teh final stages of his life. Yeah- life’s “aggression” has made him crave the less violent and peaceful things . ."Life’s too short takes on a new meaning . . "
Let your Dad know he has been the greatest father to you as is . .he is obviously trying still to please his wife . .give him a victory in his attempts.
Dread the day you will be happy you did all this . .
Trust me man

Wow. Don’t sign your real name or give anyone your address. Your father could be forced to surrender his genitals. Its a rule.

Maybe start with baywatch. If you live near water, fishing or hunting. something!! If he listens to show tunes, you’ve lost him.

M-force thanks for stating your age. You probably have an excess amount of T built up and your dad, well he has to take a lot of responsibility (go to work, pay bills, support his family, support his practice etc.) This can rob you of your T and it is just reality. He has probably gotten wiser in his old age and you would be surprised at what changes when you have a family to support and have to go to work every day. I am sure TC will be writing 10 years later another tune. Keep it on the straight and narrow and learn from your dad’s mistakes so you don’t have to learn the hard way yourself.

Leave a copy of the article lying around like you’d been reading it… somewhere that he’ll find it.

On a side note, I gotta say that my Dad is WAY COOL!!! I mean, let’s say I’m at his place and out back with the dog. If there’s even a ‘hint’ of hooters on the TV (this is assuming he’s not digging holes or building something, etc…) he’ll yell and scream for me to come in and watch as the boob action unfolds…! As I run inside like a mad man I usually pass my mum on the way ‘out’ of the living room… Now that’s a T-Man if I ever saw one! On ya Dad!