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T-Tyrant: Adolf Hitler, TRT Patient

I’ve just read this book, about drugs and Nazi Germany: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/sep/25/blitzed-norman-ohler-adolf-hitler-nazi-drug-abuse-interview

One thing I didn’t know: Hitler was on TRT from 1941 onwards. The daily injections Dr Theodor Morell packaged for him included a huge variety of different drugs, up to and including Eukodal (oxycodone) and cocaine, but they pretty much always included significant doses of Testoviron, a brand name for testosterone propionate. Morell upped the dose when Eva Braun was around for reasons that should be obvious. He also received quite a few other steroid and hormone preparations, some of which included testosterone in one form or another, so the total dose of exogenous T must have been substantial. (Blast Coventry - and cruise…)

It doesn’t seem to have done him much good, but then the massive poly-drug abuse can’t have helped. That said he does seem to have had some classic symptoms - there is no mention of any effort to control aromatisation (was that a thing in the 1940s?) so he was probably also swimming in estradiol, and he seems to have had clotting abnormalities (i.e. high haematocrit) and liver problems, as well as the infamous mood swings, all of which are well known issues with poorly controlled hormone use.

And he took basically no exercise, so he didn’t even get jacked:-(

That explains it all. Doing the wrong TRT protocol, it is Hitler!