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T Twist On 100s


For those of you who have tried 100 rep training to bring up a body part or two, try this 100's twist.
pick a body part
a specific angle/view of the muscle you'd want to improve
pick an exercise that will train the muscle at that angle/view

example: 1 biceps, 2 front double biceps pose, 3 front double biceps cable curl or any contracted position curl(concentration curls)

a.m./p.m. workouts
pick a weight you can lift for 25-30 reps but only do 20 reps, rest 15 minutes, 20 more reps, rest 15 minutes. continue like that for a total of 5 sets, done. 10-12 hours later same workout for p.m.

you will still train the muscle as you normally would but on these days only do the a.m. 100's workout or vice versa if you train in the mornings

the main reason for the 100's routine is to help increase recovery time by improving blood flow and nutrient delivery...of course the more you train a muscle the better its resitance to over training which in the long run will result in better gains in muscle mass. with that being said doing 100's twice a day on most days and normal training on others can cause over training, so this program can be performed up to 4-6 weeks before just doing normal workouts. return to 100's to improve upon another body part or two after 6 weeks of normal workouts, of course Alpha Male and other supplements will dramatically improve you reponse from this workout.

sample workout
target muscles biceps, rear delts

prone incline d.b. curls
prone incline d.b. laterals a.m./p.m.

but on back/rear delt/biceps day
only do a.m. 100's workout
p.m. do your normal workout

example: vertical pull workout dominate
neut. grip pull-ups (weighted) 4x4,6

" " " (body weight only) 3x max reps 8,10

decline d.b. pullovers 4x12,15

rear delts
slightly bent upright row 4x6,8

unilateral cable bent-over laterals
2x12,15 per side

prone incline d.b. curls 3x6,8

incline d.b. curls 3x8,10

P.S. this post was kind of rushed so I'm sure there are holes which will generate lots of questions.


please reference Chad Waterbury's article 100 reps to bigger muscles he does a great job of addressing the subject. I used that workout as a spring board for mine and found out that 100's twice a day worked wonders without destroying my recovery time and thats with 4-5 normal workouts and 50-60 hours of work and 20 hours or so of commute to work and being a full time parent and husband.....no excuses


this routine can and should be called the Vascular Bastard workout


hello is this thing on


Ummm... I'm kind of confused as to what you're asking?