T- Travelling

Im going to be travelling abroad for a few weeks with my folks after school gets out, and will not be able to follow my nutritional plan or go to a gym. What do you guys do when you travel and can’t train or follow your diet?

Where there’s a will there’s a way. If you really want to train then it is possible but you just have to get creative…take along a pair of cheap adjustable dumbells and if you can find a chair you can get in a full body workout. If you’ve really been training intensely lately then you might not want to do any weight training and instead just enjoy yourself and let your body recover. As far as other activites there is always a way to be active…jogging, swimming, sprinting, hiking, and even walking are all decent activities. Regarding diet this is where it gets tricky…what I usually do when having to eat out all the time is eat all the meats, salads, and fibrous vegetables I want but I try to limit the starchy carbs and junk food sweets, desserts, etc.