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I have some books that I’ve read and am always on the lookout for something new.

I’m am willing to trade my books for your books. They can be returned, no keeping.

Here’s mine:

Dinosaur Training. Brooks Kubrik

Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia. Jesse

Rock, Iron, Steel. Steve Justa

Under the Bar. Dave Tate

Keys To Progress. McCallum

Brawn. McRobert

Mastery of Hand Strength. Brookfield

Super Squats. Strossen

Captains of Crush: What they are and How to Close Them. Strossen

Secrets of Soviet Sports Fitness and Training. Yessis

Kelso’s Shrug Book. Kelso

The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook. Kenn

An Introduction to Olympic-Stlye Weightlifting. Cissik

Here’s the idea: I ship to you and you ship to me. Keep for a month or so and ship back.