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T total 68

I posted earlier about switching docs and that I was stopping t shots after a few months to get new baseline levels (per the new doc). I was on t cyp 100mg once per week for a month and a month of androgel before that. My baseline t toal was 200 something, and now the lab came back at 68. Starting replacement back up. Does this mean the nat. production stopped and then I stopped the shots, leaving very low levels?

Yes. If you’re on synthetic testosterone for any length of time, your natural production shuts down. Without other supporting medications you will not “reboot” right away. How long were you off the T before getting the test? Did you get hCG or Clomid or anything to help your natural levels come back? Or, did you just quit cold-turkey? If your doctor told you to quit cold-turkey and not wait until natural levels come back before getting tested, you should get a new doctor. Sudden discontinuation of testosterone can be very dangerous and can lead to a slew of bad shit happening.

Try not to have multiple threads going, so all the information will be in one place for us to see. It makes it easier to give advice when all of your labs and history are in the same thread. You should also be getting more than one lab done. If you did get more, make sure to post them, with ranges.

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