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T-Time in Theatre Class

T-bros, sup? I started classes this week in my senior year at John Jay College. I’m taking a Women in THeatre class for the credits and the fact that I enjoy theatre games and have been involved in many productions and even an NYC Improv Troupe over the last several years. As an added bonus there are but TWO males in the entire class, the other being of the drooling idiot persuasion who signed up for the class “because they gave it to me”…Oh dear lord yes…So, shall Monkeyboy Eric faithfully don his T-mag shirt to class tomorrow? Whatcha think? lata.

"MB Eric: Your Guide to guilt-free havok-wreaking since 1302."


Okay, MB…kick the Lion if he reveals a horrible stereotype (Southern women are more my “forte”)…but for artsy, New York women…aren’t you better served by looking the “brooding, intelligent, mad-at-the-establishment,jazz listening, poem reciting” type? You know…big floppy shirt…courderoy pants…hiking boots…some horn rimmed glasses…sporting some dreadlocks maybe…and waving your hands while you express your views on theatre? OR are New York College women just as ready to get down and dirty with a sweaty, Vitex loaded “T-Man”? If so…wear the shirt, baby…!!! :)----!!!

If you’re a T-Man (and I know you are) you will wear that shirt. And when they ask, say, “what does it mean to you” (as advised elsewhere. Waiting to hear the report of your results!

Dude, if you can’t get the poonanny with those percentages, you are no t-man! No get out there and help us live through you!

Wear your T-shirt and a banana hommock, tell them you’re prepping for “the stage.”

Wear the shirt, post the report!

Aight, it’s too fucking tempting so I’ll be doing that next week. I shall post all which occurs. Char-bro you better start posting some more, 'specially on my little exploits here. Lata.

“MB Eric: Looking about to choke someone out since 1877.”