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T Tested After 2 Weeks

Sir my doctor advised me to test my T again after 2 weeks and this time in morning
my lh is 4.4
FsH is 3.1
Testosterone is 198.1(241-827)
he also advised to get
prolactin tested,which i will do soon
what worries me is that he said i dont need to worry,myy T Isnt that low,just a little low.I want myy T to be in the upper range, not just within range

I cant get hard during sex but i keep making pr’s in the gym.MY bmi suggested that my muscle mass has increased and after cutting I am at 12% bf.

The reason i got my testosterone tested was because i was about start mY first steroid cycle .the result came as a surprise

I use iodised Salt which has 40 g iodine per 100 grams, and i use it extensivelY while boiling my dailY dose of chicken

about feeling cold, no sir i dont think i feel more cold. Its just the same as it was,normal