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T Story (One Sentence at a Time)


We can try this...each person continues the story one sentence at a time.

I still remember the day I died.


From AIDS.


Thanks to that drag queen in Singapore.


It was the ping pong ball trick that did it; I'm just a sucker for a talented Thai boy.


I remember thinking back to that first night.


W/Saki, Sushi, Scar & the Suck.


I'm sorry for the interruption but I'm not sure where to go from here. By " the Suck " are you referring to the Marine Corp?


The Suck being this fat chick that could debone a chicken and suck start a Harley within minutes.


She intimidated most of my friends, but I was mesmerized by her beautiful baritone singing voice.


And beard.


I just had to feel her warbling throat around my cock.


and as Saki stood guard by the window and I positioned Suck over the edge of the bed - the door burst open and in flew


her huskiness was exciting me beyond what I had ever previously thought possible


it was a beautiful husky and I never really wanted to fuck a dog but I was drunk.


Yes, it was a dog, but when in Rome.....


I was feeling footloose & fancy free so I allowed the suck to enter my puckered lips.


...but suddenly remebering that Ct Rockula had borrowed my lipstick.


I was led to beleive that the Suck was equally drawn in by my own masculinity, but...


I soon came to realize it was the hair round my hole, not the fact that I could remove my teeth.


a ping pong ball fired by Chong, the Thai ladyboy from Singapore.