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Thanks for the props, Joel. We do have bio articles although it’s been a while since we’ve done one. The series is called “Meet the Press”. There have been two already (TC’s and Brock’s). As for pics, my pic has been posted twice (well, three times if you count TC’s “poodle” pic)- once in Reader Mail with Arnold and once at the end of my “Testosterone Sucking Demons” article.

Yeah, i agree. I would like to know how you guys look like. Maybe you guys are too good looking and are afraid that all the T-Vixen here will come and send you love letters. Hahahaha… I would like to know TC’s face, JB, Thomas Incledon, Steve B (JB’s brother), Tim Patterson, Brock, Bill Roberts, Ian King, etc etc…

Or how about getting some kinda function on the forum where we can post pictures. I’ve got some pretty good pictures of the staff from the Arnold that my buddy sent me. I’m sure you’d all like em.

I agree… show us those ugly mugs. I’d really like a “meet the press” article with Tim, I want to know what makes him tick. I’m starting my own company(not supplements) and want to know how he started it all.

Hey thanks chris. See you looked alot different than I suspected. Still a pimp

Shugart’s photo is in his one article. TC’s photo is in a previous Atomic Dogg at the Arnold Classic and Tim’s face can be seen in the most recent issue of the printed version of T-mag (looking like Arnold in Terminator). I’ve seen Bill Roberts, Tom Incledon, Brian Batcheldor and John Berardi at the Orlando Seminar. I think Tom’s photo can be seen in one of his articles “From Geek to Strongman.” JB is a pretty boy, and most have all the ladies chasing him! LOL! He looks very young and is truly a great guy if you have a chance to meet him in person. Tom Incledon is very cool too! He is a pleasure to talk with and is full of useful information and stories. I think everyone lusted after his wife at the Seminar! :slight_smile:

Waddayathink they look like? They all look the same. Soft, kinda blimpy, big boobs and nada functional between their front pockets… oh yea, a buncha pimples too!

Avoids Roids - Is there a reason you are perpetually in a bad mood? Neither I nor my husband use steroids, but I don’t feel the need to insult those who do. It’s their business.
I’d like to see pics and bio’s of the staff. It would be pretty cool.

Avoids Roids - It’s obvious from your posts here over the last few weeks that you don’t enjoy the topics discussed here at T-mag. Obviously you don’t like or respest the staff and contributers either as evident from your post on this topic thread. So the question begs to be asked - why do you bother coming to T-mag? I can’t think of any reason why a person would continually subject themselves to a stimulus they didn’t like other than they enjoy tormenting themselves. So I’ve got an idea for you - after you’re finished pulling out your fingernails with pliers and setting your own hair on fire for the mere enjoyment you get out of torturing yourself, find a website where you can sing-along and pick flowers with others like you and leave T-mag and it’s opinions to those of use who really care and respect what they have to offer us.
Thanks T-mag for having the balls to speak your mind and not censor for those too fragile to handle it.

Avoids Roids you have got to be the dumbest motherfucker I know, probably the smallest too. You have no right judging people for personal decision they make. If you are natural good for you. Who are you to rip on people who use roids? Are they hurting you? Are they out robbing and killing people for them? Shut the fuck up! I would like to see a pic of you to see if you can back up all the shit that comes out of your mouth. The only thing I have against some users is if they enter a natural show, which I know they do. In which case they are piece of shit.

Avoid Roids/and intelligence. Damn man were you dropped on your head as a baby. People like you give people who are natural like me a bad name. Do all natural builders a favor and get the fuck off our team. You are like having a radical, miss-informed, lack Witt on our team. Translations, if you want to be natural great just try not to speak for anyone else for god sake. I am embarrassed for you. To take pride to such levels of arrogance/ignorance is unbelievable. Again please stop speaking for anyone but your damn self; cause you give real men a bad name.

Ah Yes, thank you IronBabe and the other gentleman. I do appreciate the kudos. As you wish, I will indeed continue promoting the natural way and continue to denigrate the purveyors of illicit pharmaceuticals. There is no reason, however, to keep sending me donations as I am fully funded. Lift heavy, lift smart, lift without gear!

Avoid Roids: If you really have a genuine urge that it is your “call”, so to speak, to promote and push the natural bodybuilding way of life, do you think this is best achieved through posting insolent replies and stereotyping all juicers as big, dumb, backwood trogs? If you had a sensible and logical arguement, then perhaps you would gain more creds on the forum, but currently, you present a blinded point of view, based on neither anecdotal experience nor sound expertise or knowledge of topic.
You have done nothing, so far, to persuade us of your point of view. More likely, you are just seeking attention, for which too many of us have taken the bait and replied.

Excellent point Mr. Phatt. Obviously you are also a true believer in the Natural way. Good for you. I love it when I make another convert back to the righteous side of the law.

WTF avoidsroids! i am natural and planned on staying natural , but i swear to god i am this damn close to starting a cycle just to piss you off. your posts are so damned annoying that they are counterproductive. instead of convincing people to stay natural you are just pissing them off. if you really want to why don’t you start your own thread and preach about how roids were invented by satan there so you don’t take all of the other posts off topic. we did that with baran a while ago and he was mature enough to at least stay in his thread and not ruin other posts. that way the people that want to read your rants can and those who don’t won’t have to.

Who cares what he looks like! As long as the great info keeps coming. He could look like Dr. Ruth & I would’nt care!

Look, moderator, I’m all for the free speech stuff as well but why do you keep on posting avoidsroids posts? He’s just trying to annoy people with his ignorance and he’s the kind of influence I don’t need to see on my favourite site. Everything that he’s involved in gets ugly fast. He sounds like a 15 year old spouting off what his mummy told him when he posts. As a psychology student, I know that drugs are not classed as illicit from any inherent pharmaceutical properties that they possess. Why then would alcohol and tobacco be legal when marijuana is not? Tobacco kills 97% of it’s users, and yet there has never been a recorded death due to marijuana use. People have used marijuana since before christ and yet somehow it’s seen as ‘immoral’. Alcohol is responsible for more daily grief in ordinary people’s live than ANY other substance (apart from the annual tax pack). I applaud anyone who has the know how to use drugs intelligently to further their own physical goals. Sure, using steroids without any thought will kill you, maybe. But used intelligently you can live longer, feel healthier and be more productive in your life. In short, you can become a more effective human being and isn’t that really the reason why we all started lifting in the first place? (apart from looking good nekkid!) Seems like a great reason to use intelligently to me… Drugs are everywhere! They have been used in ALL societies and cultures in the history of mankind, what’s more, it’s perfectly normal to use mood altering substances, most of us do it everyday without a second thought. Do you drink coffee? Congratulations, you probably have a caffeine dependency. Do you take aspirin? Why, what’s wrong with you, cos DIDN’T YOU KNOW dude? that’s a DRUG. Drugs aren’t bad, but Drugs + Ignorance can be very bad. It’s a good thing avoidsroids doesn’t do drugs, from his obvious lack of intelligence, it would be a disaster waiting to happen. I have no time for bigots and the ignorant, if you have an opinion, at least know the facts before you spout it as truth. We only think of drugs being bad because the governments of the world have been steadily conditioning us to think that way since the turn of the century, don’t be a pawn, think for yourself and make up your own mind, don’t spout some line such as ‘everyone knows that drugs are bad because they are’ that’s just crazy. If I have a headache, i take an aspirin, if i’m feeling down or lifeless and i have stuff to get done, I drink a coffe. If i ever think that my gains are slowing down, and for some reason I still want to grow, I’ll look at steroids, I’ll do the research, I’ll read T-mag and I’ll work out a safe way to do it. Now that’s smart!