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40 years old, 13% bodyfat. bench 290, squat 450. growing but gonna do a cycle of cyp and tren. rec w tamoxifen and hcg. workout 4 days a week. gained 12 pounds in5 weeks with no cycle. any ideas what I might gain on cycle?


Muscle mass






Specifically, how much weight on an 8 week cycle?


I gain mass extremely well, 16 pounds in 6 weeks. What would be the ratio on an 8 week cycle of 250 of cyp and 75 of tren weekly?


Its impossible to answer really, everyone is different and you will just have to find out.

I will say your doses are very low. 250mg test and 75mg tren is next to nothing, certainly not the supra-physiological doses most associate with a steroid cycle. If you are going to shut down your body and are not on long term TRT, I would surmise it may not even be worth it to go that low.

I would recommend 500-600mg test and 300-500mg of tren weekly. Others prefer high tren low test, but not me (200-300mg test 600-800mg tren).

If your tren is acetate rather than enanthate then you should be prepared to pin EOD at least, preferably ED to keep blood levels stable to mitigate sides and divide your test up accordingly to go with it. Even with the longer esters, your blood levels remain more stable with more frequent injections.

I and most would recommend HCG during cycle, not after. Best to prevent testicular atrophy than rectify it.

Also it would be wise to use an AI during cycle, the aromatisable test will amplify the tren sides. Furthermore you always should use an AI anyway with anything aromatisable.


Weight is not a good indicator of muscle mass, the mirror is.


Planning on Proviron during cycle and HCG 3weeks in. Will up to 500 cyp and 12 tren with a pre cycle of dbol. How's that sound?


optheta... +1. Was gunna say the same thing. Guarrantee out of those 12 pounds you probably gained one of muscle if it was within 5 weeks. I expect you will gain water weight, fat, muscle. Use your lean body mass as a more solid indicator of actual muscle gain.


I have actually gone from 13 to 10 percent so I'd say it was more than 1 pound. Plus, I haven't actually started the cycle yet.