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T-Spine Injure (Pin Point Nerve)

I have been lifting for about 15 years now and Im going to be 42 years old. Anyway I got this pop on my neck when I reached for a box and then next couple of days the pain went from my spine through my left trap, through my lateral tricep and down my bracial and now my fingers are tingling and somewhat numb. The doctor just gave me Naporoxian and flexril and said it was a tspine injury. Its a workers comp claim, so I guess they dont want me to have an MRI done…he said its not necessary…??? Its getting better, but do you guys think I should go to a chiropractor or just let it rest. Its been a month I have not worked out (lift weights) and Im getting the workout withdrawls…any info that maybe helpful would be appreciated.

Chiropractor can be of great help in the fix or understanding the problem. A good massage therapist can ID muscles that are in spasm and work them out. Do both and ASAP. You need to have supple muscles and mobility.

Muscle spasms can become the root of the problem in terms of things out of alignment and trapped nerves. Add fish oil to those drugs for its anti-inflammatory action.