Just curious… What do you guys happen to feel the top five t-songs or t-bands would be? Or maybe just some music that never fails to get you psyched for the gym.

I don’t know about current songs but, ever since the Gulf War, the World Gym that I am a member of has played the Star Spangled Banner at 6:00 AM. All sets are immediately stopped, everyone stands and faces the flag and crosses their heart or salutes, whatever is appropriate. It never fails to raise my emotional T-Level and my next set is always my best. Eye of the Tiger is a good T booster too.

Slow Ride by Foghat

Group? Earth Wind and Fire

Song? “Frankenstein” ; The Edgar Winters Group

Kid Rock should be good enough for all you “American Badass”(es)!

Alive by POD is a good one. I used to start every workout with eye of the tiger (at home) and it never got old.
Top 5 bands= Linkin Park, POD, Project86, Survivor, cant think of 5 right now

i’m a dj at my college radio station, you should check out Rival Schools, “Travel by Telphone.”

Foo Fighters: “my hero.”
Fuel: “shimmer.”
Nickelback: “how you remind me.”
Three doors down: “duck and run.”

Still, the only cd i listen to going to the gym is 16stone by Bush. “little things” and “machinehead” are by far my favorite songs to get me psyched up. peace.

With every rep the iron sings to me. It never gets old.

I think some of you T-Men are really showing your age with those songs!! Anyway, if you are talking about getting pumped-up from a song it would be anything from the Rocky IV soundtrack, “Mother” by Danzig, and “MachineHead” by Bush.

I just wanted to get an idea of what you guys think. Personally, my five bands (should anyone care) would, in no order, be Danzig, Tool, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Slayer.

I can’t understand why everybody likes those Linkin Park boys so much. Those are some of the most annoying voices I’ve heard in a while. And when I see the videos I just can’t take those punks seriously. That ain’t rock-n-roll.

Bands: Lycia, Cranes, Fields of the Nephililm, Tapping The Vein, Ministry

Bands: Bauhaus (the earlier heavier stuff), Rammstein, Frontline Assembly, Ministry, Rob Zombie (new CD tomorrow!), Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy, Celldweller.


The best pump up song of all time would have to be Enter the Sandman by Metallica…

Jesus Christ, my t-levels went up a few mgs just thinkin about it.

Hmmm I like so many bands… Where Do I start.
Funker Vogt, Wumpscut, VNV Nation, Suicide Commando, Lost Signal, Grendel and Hocico. All Of this are industrial/ebm. That’s pretty much all I listen to. There’s many more bands but i’m not gonna sit here and list them all. With music this good you develop many favourites!

I second that - 16 Stone by Bush is an excellent workout CD!!! Strangely, The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson gets me fired up. There are plenty of songs that can work well, too many infact. Mood often dictates what gets you going too.

Alphamale, right on with the Rocky IV soundtrack. And, sometimes mix in some Bruce Springsteen greatest hits—-a.k.a. “tractor rock”.

Whats up with all you boys being Bush fans? Last time I check, Bush sucked large, although this is only my opinion. Danzig, Metallica etc…yes, T-bands, but Bush?? Are you guys drunk? Coming up next, the inevitable “Rage Against the Machine is the most hardcore band on the planet” post. Stay tuned.

I suggest you all give this a try. It’s something different. Something different from the usual mainstream stuff, and it’s whicked!


The band is Hocico, great industrial band.

Faith No More- Epic (personal fav.), Guns and Roses, System of a Down, Disturbed, Powerman 5000, Static X, Slipknot, older Limp Bizkit ex. Sour, oh yeah…and how could i forget NSync, they rock…Bill Phillips told me so.