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I noticed this on the back of my bottle of soap and thought I should snap a pic of it. Could this be a new breakthrough in the supplement industry?


My soap must wash away my testosterone because everytime I take a shower, I come out smelling like a girl. ewwww

lol. I use that stuff, read the back and sub in other words. Makes you wonder what they are really talking about.

they still sell Old Spice?
i thought that died with my great great grand father?

Old Spice Red Zone and High Endurance Deodorants are top notch, seriously.

I’ll have to get me a bottle of this here soap and try it out.

Yea the high endurance deoderant is really the best product out there. I have tried every other kind on the shelf. Keeps me dry and not stinky.

The right gaurd power ball commercial is the best though. Randy Johnson playing dodgeball!

I suspect they are talking about washing away topical testosterone gels, like Androgel. Or maybe not.

yes, playing dodgeball against the big unit is definitely not on my list of things to do

I tried the body wash a couple times, but the scent was way too strong for my liking.

After reading all the postive comments about the “Red Zone” deodorant, I went out and bought a stick. Used it for a week, got a rash and had to stop using it.

And contrary to the many reports in the first thread about using “Red Zone” I had no attractive women come onto me.

I feel cheated somehow. BOO Red Zone!

You guys want a real T-Soap? Try Irish Spring, that stuff washes away a layer of your skin. Now thats hardcore.

That’s hilarious. I bet we all use that stuff because the 120lb chump in the commercial lands that hot chick in the dorm…not that it worked on me or anything…nope, not at all.

T-Soap, there’s only one option. Lava. Remember that stuff? They had a rocket powered car to advertise for them and would put grit in the soap to remind you that even though you were washing your hands, you were tough about it.

Is that shit for real?? That’s badass. Gonna buy some tomorrow, I just hope it works as good for soap as Red Zone does for deodorant.

Yeah, Red Zone is the best deoderant/antiperspirant I’ve ever used. No hot chicks have approached me as a result, however. Nor have I experience the “Axe effect.”

This bottle reminds me supplement bottles.

Or more specifically, like a supplement seller said:

The product that sells most is not the one that is best. Its the one thats got the most stuff printed on it.

The more time passes, the more I see he was right, and not only in the supplement business. Expect more blah-blah in every industry in the future.

The equivalent of a couple of salesmen and their combined pitches printed on the products. Could we call the South-American-beach-overkill-marketing-tactics era? Scaringly, yes.

I just bought a bottle of this soap cause Ive been wanting to try it and I remembered this thread.

The bottle (mine anyway) doesnt actually have that written on the back of it. You crazy photoshopper.

My gym is doing something strange with the soap it supplies. When I first joined, the soap smelled like pine type stuff. Though it was ok, nice manly pine smell. Now it smells like Pina Colada. Kinda fruity, pisses me off. I think it will smell like new car scent next.