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T Shots and Cream

Any guys here on shots and scrotal cream? If so can you share your protocol along with results in doing both?

There is not a lot of members on creams, at least any of the members who visit this forum on a regular basis, most are on injections. This seems to be the case on other forums as well.

When on TRT I’m either doing 7mg enanthate daily (49mg weekly) or 5mg cypionate daily (35mg weekly). These two protocols will see my SHBG increase from about 10-13 (when not on TRT) to beyond 20.

It would be an either/or situation. Generally. Although I have started using some gel in addition to my shot because I have a can and it’s technically expired. I haven’t noticed any sort of difference at all.

I will say there have been some men who just couldn’t make injections work, the creams was another story. I think it’s because their bodies prefer the swings in hormone levels which more closely resembles the natural variation in hormones throughout the day.

Yes I’ve read were some were doing both and the cream raised dht levels significantly. Some have reported higher libido and better erections on both.

You know 7mg test E daily is quite a bit more potent than 5mg test C daily. I simply can’t understand why you’d have such a variance between the two. Enanthate is stronger than cypionate mg/mg (albeit marginally)

The difference isn’t subtle either, I had been on 7mg enanthate for almost 6 weeks, two days on 6mg cypionate is like the difference between beer and hard liquor, I don’t feel the same and is a huge difference.

I must have a gene that is responsible for being able to feel the difference. Test C does have an extra carbon atom attached to it making it weigh ever so slightly more. Some have stated cypionate is more anabolic, so it’s not just me who has felt the difference.

Yes but I’m saying the amount of pure hormone you’re getting mg/mg is less with test C compared to test E… Perhaps you’re allergic to something present within the carrier oil?

Beer and hard liquor are the same, all alcohol is the same. I’ve never understood this analogy. The only difference is that if you’re trying to achieve a state of intoxication, the volume of hard liquor required vs beer is far lower (say a shot = 1 beer, you need 10 shots or so to get drunk, it’s easier than drinking ten beers)

I actually has blood testing confirm I’m not allergic to either carrier oil. It’s not the mgs you should be paying attention to, but the extra carbon atom because there is slightly more mass.

The extra carbon atom decreases the rate of release… You can’t tell me test C is more potent than test E… It’s be like me saying Test U kicked in faster than test P… We know that’s just not the case

Even if it did kick in harder for you, the mean cAVG would still be somewhat lower

Thinking outside the box, I wonder if its possible for someone immune system to act upon the cypionate ester as if it were a virus. I never get sick, haven’t been sick since 14 years old.

I considered it but didn’t want the added complexity. Some people swear by it for the libido boost the cream/dht gives while maintaining the more stable levels that injections provide.

Im on shots and T cream. It kind of happened by accident. I was going from running my own protocol to getting a script with my primary. I got the script for a compounded 50mg/ml(which is more of a starting weak dose). I cut my T shot(i was using propionate daily) and added the cream thinking that I would drop the prop when i increased the cream dose. But the results were so good on the combo that i just let it ride. So I do 10mg/day prop, 1ml(50mg/ml cream) and 100iu HCG EOD.

Is there any difference in applying the cream vs the common transdermal gels to the scrotum, besides the fact that the gel may cause some skin reaction issues? If your skin can tolerate the gel would the recommended dosages be the same?

You’ll be sorry if you apply gels to the scrotum, it will burn intensely, dry out your skin and cause severe irritation, that’s what creams are for. The cream is 200mg/20% while the gel is 1.62%, but if you’re sensitive and get good numbers on gels, you’ll probably need 100mg/10-20% and can be applied twice daily.

The cream is available at compounding pharmacies, not regular retail pharmacies like CVS.

If this is true this is interesting. I always feel really good about 5 days after a protocol change. It always seems to fade after a few days though. The more I read about the cream, the more tempted I am to try it.

This is because your hormone levels are in flux, your levels are swinging. So imagine if you could keep levels swinging. This is what the cream does and is why it’s dosed 1-2x daily.

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