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T-Shirt Winners

Here are the winners of the Superstore T-shirt promotion:

Jeff Parsons
Chris McClinch

Ross Hansen and Nova Coach also won, but didn’t have their mailing info filled out in their profiles as requested, so no shirt for them.

Thanks to all who checked out the new Superstore and entered the drawing. Also, a big welcome to all those who de-lurked to enter! Now remember, you can contribute to other topics as well, not just ones where you get free stuff, mkay?

And to those who signed up twice, Santa made a note.

Yeah Hawwwww!!..Thanks T-mag!!

Boy, Shugsy…If I weren’t adverse to Man-Hugs…

“Thank you for making me nouveau riche”

~ Jerry Della Femina


(I never win anything!)

Brown Nosers, Hey Shugs can I get ya another cup of Coffee???

Make it a green tea with Splenda, bitch.

Kidding, kidding, kidding…

Two disappointments in a week. How will I go on?

No kidding, Man! I got my hopes pretty high on this one.

Thanks for the shirt, also I will start posting more

Oh well looks like i’ll have to keep wearing my old white t-shirt with my Mag-10 Label taped on it.

That’s it, I’m boycotting this damn site…

Well, seeing as I’m a de-lurker…

Whoo hoo! Free stuff! Now I will definitely go spend more money on the Biotest site.

Thanks Chris.

Cupcake, you fucking cheater!!!

what? I am not a poor sport!

P.S. If I don’t get a damned Red Kat shirt I’m gonna…I’m gonna, well, I guess I’m gonna have to shell out 12 bucks and buy one!


FYI: The T-shirts were mailed out today! You should all get them soon!

Except for Cupcake, who’s in Canada, so he gets “special” shipping which takes a little longer yet costs more.

I wrote on the box: “THIS BOX IS FULL OF ILLEGAL STEROIDS. PLEASE DELIVER QUICKLY AS THERE ARE 9TH GRADERS WAITING TO BUY THEM.” That way they’ll send it through customs quickly.

What a Guy! Isn’t that how you snuck all your gear thru Mexico when you did that HBO show? Oh and, I got your tea for you, never mind that stuff floating around that top, that’s the “special” ingredient. Drink deep my friend, Muahahhaaahaaa

Colin, you know that’s kinda true. I tested the border three ways for one of those articles: driving, walking and mailing. For the walking part, I put the boxes in a backpack, but in a small compartment that’s easy to overlook.

The inspector said, “What were you doing in Mexico?” as she looked through the pack.

I replied, “I’m a reporter writing about how people get drugs across the border.”

So she hands my bag full of steroid boxes back to me and tells me stories of El Paso athletes getting busted for smuggling steroids. I acted surprised.

To funny, best place to hide something from someone is right out in the open :slight_smile:

O wow…I won! This is the first time I ever won anything at T-Forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Chris. :slight_smile: