T-Shirt for Dad

Hello everyone,

I finally convinced my father to start going to the gym and after 6 months he has made great strides (he started out being barely able to bench 135 and the other day he managed to get 205 up). He is 50 years old, 6’4, and 280 pounds (we’re working on the weight problem)

A while I back saw one of those shirts that said “20 pound bench club” or something to that effect. I want to get one of those shirts for him because I’m very proud of him and I think it will give him an incentive to keep on going. Don’t worry he wont wear it to the gym. And, if anyone is wondering or worrying, his weight regimen isnt solely limited to the bench press.

If anyone knows where I can find one of those shirts please let me know.


thats 200 pound bench club. sorry