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T-Shirt Design/Marketing


I have been toying with some T-shirt designs around gym life and Strongman. There are a couple "design your own" T-shirt companies out there were you can do a campaign, etc. I know its a niche market, and I don't expect to get rich on it, but the idea won't go away. Has anyone done these? If so, any results or recommendations?


I am an advisor to a campus strength club, we did our own t shirts, had a good experience with a company called teespring


Some of my buddies have used that and have had success.
Look at what the company offers and cost per unit.

A lot of people Do have a personal preference about company, weight, composition, end usage.
Something that feels good when it is 60 out might not feel as good when it is 85*.


Thank you for the replies! I went with TeeSpring because the actual designing was easy and the site is pretty slick.


I used Customink years ago, but in hindsight, it was more expensive than it needed to be. Finding a good printer will enable you to get better quality items at a better price. I’ve seen too many people that always opt for the cheap white T’s and one color printing, but IMO, if you want your product to last (I give them to my clients and they’re one of the best advertising investments I’ve ever made), you invest a bit more.

I’m in NY, but I’ve been using a printer in FL for the last 6 years. Once he realized I would be a returning customer, he offered better rates. Hence heavy weight shirts (sweatshirts, ladies tanks etc) with multi color printing on fronts and backs, and costing less than half what you would pay at CustomInk or many of the larger companies.



Thanks Stu:
and yes, custom is more expensive than need be.
Also, your comment about Quality is spot on. “cheap is expensive”.


How many are you making? I have my own silkscreen machine ( bought it used for $120) and make my own. It’s a little bit more time but a lot cheaper. Give them away variously for advertising and just something to give other people I do business with.


We went with American Apparel t shirts, cost a bit more but really good quality. Good luck.


Depends on quantity… google promotional marketing t shirts

I buy them in bulks of 100s & 1000s for trade show clients

The company i use is called ad trends…they give me multiple styles, colors, to choose from