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T-shirt Contest

Thanks to all who participated in the T-shirt giveaway on the “Free Sex!” thread. The winner is jaytruly. Contact us and we’ll ship you a Testosterone Nation shirt, a Biotest shirt, and an original T-mag shirt.

I want a re-count.

Hey Chris even though I didn’t win, this was pretty kool of you guys! Good Job! Congrats Jay, Lucky Bastard

Congratulations to a fellow Bay Area T-Brood Member!!!

Hey Chris how about a T-Shirt for all of us Bay Area T-Brood Members as we have our second meeting comming up in March (Rock Climbing) Thaks to Jason Norcross.

Wow, I won and didn’t even have a speech prepared.
Well, I would like to thank the whole T-mag crew, all my homies in lockdown- one love baby, pearl caz she is so jealous, MBE for not throwing feces at me when I wrote in and mostly to all my fans.
We did it!

Way to go Jesse!

I know you’re gonna share some of the loot with your SF crew, right?

Anyways, conrats buddy!