Ok, who has come up with various sayings that started in the gym, but made it into your common speech. My roommates and I are all big into the T lifestyle and pretty much everything we say is related to lifting. Our new favorite is, “Clearly, you need to workout more”. This started by one of my roommates beating a friend in vollyball, then saying that he won because the othere guy, (who was no stranger to the gym) needed to workout more. Now everything gets this response. If I can’t do my thermodynamics homework, its because I need to workout more. If my roommate forgot to pay a phone bill, yep, he needs to workout more. Every little fault, wether you can control it or not results in your need to workout more. Just wondering if any of you have something like that as well.

I still use “It’s your diet, stupid!” a lot. It’s from an older T-mag article.


This is cool…there’s been a lot on the board lately about sayings and phrases, etc…I wanted to ask you guys something…

Is it just me, but do you find the shirts that guys wear in the gym with a lot of sexual innuendo (like “Do you like Big Dick’s?”…I think “Big Dick” is a workout apparel maker or something) to be a little “cheesy” and “trailer-trash-ish”? I really think these guys think that they are a “turn-on”…sorta like licking and swirling your tongue out at a woman…give it up!..it’s CHEESY, Bro! (Just my opinion!)

I’m with dave on this. I mix and match “it’s your diet, stupid” and “it’s your diet dummy”

I also use, " Oooh, it gives me pyloerections just thinking about it!" and especially when I’m at work, I say, “hey guys, I’m gonna go masticate”.

And when people are bragging too much I say, “you need to work more on your sternocleidomastoid, and less on your brachioradialis.”
And last but not least, “Do you deadlift?” (usually no) “Well there you go.”
Peace, Tmofa

Lion, we’re on the same page here my man…
What bugs me is that whole “Naked Coed” thing…I never really got that, but every once in a while some dude in the gym shows up wearing one of those old shirts…
Back on-topic, A few months ago, I read one of the bench articles from Westside Barbell, and later that day, I hit a good weight (225) for a set of 8…Sitting up from the bench, I let out a call of “WEST-SYyyde!” (don’t worry, the gym was almost empty!). Ever since then, whenever something good happens, I’ve been known to utter the same jubilant shout.

I love that phrase!! I think next time any thing bad happens in life or at the gym I will say? clearly you need to work out more… Here is another humbling saying. ?Tomorrow you could be dead?.. What that means is take the time to get as big as you can now for what ever reason you do it… Sex appeal… Health… Strength… Because you may not have a chance to hit your goals later.

HAHAHA That’s so quirky its funny! I could almost hear you saying that like Tupac. I’m serious when I say I cant wait to go to the gym to try it out HAHAHA ~Sewerhooker

“Big Dick’s” clothing? Oh gawd, that’s crass. Sounds like the latest reincarnation of the same people who brought us all the “Big Johnson” wear in the early 1990’s. Anyone remember that? It’d be a cartoon of a rather dorky looking guy with some caption like, “Big Johnson law firm: he’ll get you off with a well-hung jury.”