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So yeah, it's Friday, things are slow leading up to an 11:00 X-mas luncheon, and I'm wasting time at my desk.

Looked up Joe Rogan's web-page and did a little reading, listening to his audio clips, as well as veiwed a couple of his "JoeShow" video's.


Dude is pretty freaking jacked even though he smokes a ton of weed, and in my opinion is a really funny motherfucker.

Dude is pretty smart too, enlightened even.

He's like a Tom Lykis in additude, but in really good shape.

I know you MMA, Ultimate Fighter guys might love or hate him, but after going through his website I'm becomming a fan.

He exemplifies and represents what a T-man is, in my opinion. He might be kind of a dick, but he's up front and truthful about it.



He also had a 'Cuda built by Troy Trepanier(sp?) which was designed by Chip Foose that I think had about 600+ horsepower...that's all that needs to be said in my book.


I saw him do stand-up in Vegas a few years ago and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen before. Absolutely hilarious.






I just found his site last week, it's frickin classic. He's totally different from the guy they show on Fear Factor. I can't believe what a pothead he is either, if they ever have another cheech and chong, he should sign up.


Hell yeah!


Apparently he was a national Tae Kwan Do Champion. Who'd have thought?


Well, thanks to Joe Rogan I got to witness a guy dying by getting fucked in the ass by a horse.




you talking about what happened in Enumclaw? where another guy was filming? you see the vid?

also, rogan's small, and carlos mencia does suck balls.


Answers to all your questions:

The video is everything as he dscribed, quite disturbing.


holy crap, I didn't click on the video, the description was bad enough for me.


You really need to watch the video. It won't give you nightmares or anything, but god damn.


Yeah I never liked Carlos Mencia either, Joe's take on ol' Carlos just solidifies it.


Interesting what he had to say about Dennis Leary as well. I never knew he ripped off Bill Hicks like that. Did susppect he had stolen from Robin Williams a bit.


could you explain? What did he say about Leary and how did he steal from Williams? I'm just curious 'cause I'm a huge fan of Leary...


That basically Leary stole Hick's material fairly consistently. He (Rogan) was a huge Leary fan, until he saw Hicks and saw the same material being used. When he asked some savvy comedians wtf, they told him that Leary is a thief.


He has a good chin


It wasn't exactly a secret: