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T Reset After 3 Week Udrol Cycle?


I planned a 4 week udrol cycle, but because I went from feeling awesome the first week, to "off" (also wasn't improving anymore (wasn't planning training well)) the 2nd week when i went from 8mg to 12mg ( i had an ache on the lower left of my stomach intermittently, and training wasn't awesome.

So after a 4 week keep PCT, (DAA, Erase, Raloxifene), i went off everything. the weird thing is for the two weeks after that, i started getting leaner than Ive ever been and strong. A week later I got a blood test and my serum t was 1141. When I was a teenager it was 450. Besides taking DAA weeks before and trying to reduce stress and starting vitamin D, and magnesium, I have no idea why it is so high now.

So i am curious if after a properly done Prohormone cycle, if done properly, could effect my long term T baseline? (positively or negatively)? My liver enzymes are good, and diet is excellent, so I'm thinking there isn't a downside to short cycles, if I bound back like this?

I'm a newbie, so any thoughts are well received.



Stop doing phs. Also, wtf is udrol? Ulttadrol?

Also, otc supplements don't count as a proper pct.


I know, I used pentoxifilline. What is the downside to using phs, if i am using tudca and a good pct?


Bc they yield very short term results...but mainly because they are fucking terrible for you.


Raloxifene is not an OTC drug, it is one of the newer generation SERM's and fine for PCT.

OP, I dont think the DAA could raise your T that much, IMO the PH must have still been in your blood or you did not shut down from the PH and the PCT drove your T higher.



Hmm if they can drive your test up that high without shutting you down PH may not be the garbage everyone thinks. Although your liver might try to escape.


From what i hear, half lives of prohormones are short. It being in the system would be unlikely. More likely, the boy has matured to 600 ng/dl. His serm raised it above his baseline, and them the decreased estrogen and increased daspartic acid (amino acid) freed up additional test. Ive heard of people on trt cruise dose claiming even a boost from 800 to 1100 or so. It will more than likely slowly crash in the following months.