T Replacement Training Log

I’ve been working out for about 1 year ago, started T replacement a few months ago, started a diet 6 weeks ago, thought it would be fun to record my progress.

Measurement done on fancy scale (the same scale each time) at the gym.
1 year ago: 18% body fat 68 lb skeletal muscle 160 pounds. (6’,0’’ , 26 Years old)

4 months ago: 29% body fat 78 lb skeletal muscle, 200 lb (t replacement starts)

6 weeks ago: 26% body fat 85 lb skeletal muscle, 200 lb (diet starts)

today : 22% body fat 83 lb skeletal muscle, 187 lb (started adding 25 min jog on non gym days this week)

My goal right now is to get back down to 18% body fat and have a solid 20 pounds of muscle more than when I started working out. I think I can be there 4-6 months. My diet is basically that I only eat what I cook from scratch, it’s been saving me a lot of money and I’ve been eating a lot more vegetables. I must have about a 1000 calorie deficit to be losing weight the way I have been, but I haven’t been counting, it doesn’t leave me feeling bad all the time though, so I’ll keep doing it.

I think your goal BF should be much lower than 18%. 18% is still overweight to a point its not very healthy. I mean don’t get me wrong its not obese but I think for a GOAL anything over 12% makes absolutely no sense.

Why would your goal be to be more overweight than the average guy who doesn’t even lift? this makes no sense. Atleast shoot for the moon, and if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

EDIT: Your weak goal are probably the reason there are no comments. Who wants to watch or cheer someone on or help someone on there journey to a shitty physique? I’m not trying to hate on you, but give your self some credit. It’s pretty bad that I seem to have more faith in you than you do! Shoot towards a goal that will make you extremely happy, not average or worse.