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T Replacement, Starting a Workout Regimen

Please forgive the double post- this post was made in another section but I think it is going to stay buried and not get any views there and I need some advice today…

This probably isn’t going to go over well considering the multiple requests to do otherwise but I’m kinda desperate. Maybe someone could at least point me in the right direction of where the quickest place to get info is considering I have NO TIME to do any research before I need to take action.

My situation- low T levels and have a legitimate Dr. and already have a filled script for T-Proprionate that the doc wants to start me on in the next few days. My concerns and things I’m begging for help on:

  1. I wanna have another kid… would 1 2000mg bottle administered in 200mg shots over a few months make me sterile?

  2. I don’t want to suffer from estrogen effects and was wondering if there is anything over the counter I could use.

  3. I’ve worked out plenty in the past but don’t belong to a gym and I’m not joining one, but I would like to take advantage of the fact i have a legit script for T… thinking of that “P-90X” program… not to become superman but just to shed a few pounds of fat and add some muscle.

  4. I have an unused script for androgel and was wondering if it should be used in conjunction to help with #3

  5. I will do the right thing diet-wise and stick to an at-home program to maximize effects if there is ANY worthwhile gains to be had doing things this way.

  6. My T is like 80 -very low- but I’m happy and otherwise healthy and if I’m going to see absolutely no gains maybe I should just skip the injections altogether and accept my fate.

  7. What’s the deal with drinking while getting injections?

  8. I think the doc wants to do 200mg like every 3 weeks- too low to even bother with anything? Even if I sneak a little androgel in there?

  9. What’s the deal with hair loss if you get injections? I’m 36 with all my hair and if I am going to have a significant risk of baldness for messing with injections and see ZERO gains then probably will not do it.

  10. What would you do in my situation? I am getting the stuff for free ($5 copay) but if I am going to see nothing why bother?

Thanks… I know there are a lot of you dudes that put your time, money, and life into taking this seriously and may look at a guy like me as a waste of your forum but I could really use some advice from experienced folks. Again, this is all 100% legit and I just need to make an informed decision because my Dr. (endocrinologist) doesn’t do a lot of TRT. Help me if you can, and thank you!

Read these two sticky’s to learn about why 200mg every 3 weeks will be a disaster, and what to expect regarding estrogen.

66mg per week is a lower dose than most take. My guess is that it will still improve your quality of life, but not when taking that little every three weeks. You would do much better taking 28mg every 3 days. JMO

You are doing everything wrong, but you came here to learn. The best thing is to read the stickies and some of the other threads here. Many are a case, with labs, questions, advice and outcomes. Read the stickies.

Read the stickies again. Understand T+AI+hCG and why. Understand why injections need to be more frequent. There are a few reasons.

Do not post your situation into any of the stickies.

Do not post your situation into someone else’s thread that appears to be “there case”.

Do keep using this post over and over again to post your labs, questions and updates. If you open new threads we will not have the context needed to provide proper assistance.

Genetics + DHT causes hair loss. If you have a full head of hair now, you should not have a problem. Do no take hair loss drugs, as these might damage the HPTA in normal guys or break libido in anyone.

Your goal is to restore youthful levels of testosterone AND to restore health, metabolism, libido and energy. You could easily have co-morbidities. Your doc is obviously an idiot may not be looking at underlying causes and covering things up with T. We need your lab numbers AND RANGES. Always get and retain copies of your lab work. Read the lab work sticky.

Why T prop? It is fast acting. What that means is that your serum T levels will peak faster and higher, but will then drop like a stone. This is the worse choice for TRT and for infrequent injections. T cypionate is the most common drug used in the USA and T ethanate also widely used. You need steady levels. For all of the criticisms of injected T esters as a delivery system, T prop makes everything worse.

T esters are a time release delivery system. You want longer acting esters. To make injections work right, you need to inject T at least twice a week.

Most feel horrible with injections every two weeks.


testes ache now?
size changes?
where do you carry fat?
how has that changes?
what are your other health issues or concerns?
mood or depression problems?
get cold easily?
use iodized salt?
iodine in vitamins?
how are you affected by major stress?
ever used any hair loss or prostate medications?
changes to skin, nails, hair?

We need to see pre-TRT LH and FSH data.

THANKS FOR the guys that took the time to reply. Best question right now is where do I start a proper thread for this in the forums? I am starting P90X tomorrow and committing to a new life.