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T Replacement Has Lost Its "About" Sticky


We need that thread.



Can you indicate what will be done about the sticky “About” topic that is missing?


Not sure how it was unpinned, but has since been fixed.


It was fixed several hours ago, shortly after this thread was started.


I do not see it now and have not seen it along the way.

Please advise.


I bumped the topic to get it visible and had an option to pin it, that worked, but suspect that that might be pinning it only for me.

Is it pinned for all members?

Pinning does not work. Gets unpinned.
I can pin it then close the tab and go to form in a new pad, but if I click on that topic it gets unpinned.



Can we get this fixed. The “About” sticky is not pinned.

I have to provide instructions to every new guy to find topics in the 2nd post of the “About” topic. Now I can not even do that. If we had stickies, life would be a lot simpler and the forum would be more user friendly and useful.

I created a thread to ask if others were having similar problems in that forum and that thread was deleted. Replies to that might have been useful in resolving this problem


It should all be sorted out now.



Still do not see the “About” topic pinned to the top of the forum.
It is aged down to 8th position.

This is why I was asking members what they were seeing.



Still not fixed.

Are you actively working to resolve this?

Have you looked at this through the lens of a different non-privileged account?


It appears resolved from this end. The issue that caused the unpinning was corrected and it’s been double-checked by multiple accounts with varying access levels.

You may want to try logging out and re-logging back in, if you haven’t already, or try a hard refresh of the page.


Thank you for your continued efforts.

Closed Firefox, cleared it cache, cleared everything cached by Java.

That did not work.
I opened the “About thread” and pinned it and that change is now persistent.
So it was not pinned and that function appears to be there to allow an individual to un-pin stickies in a forum.

Recall that I pointed out above that my pinning the “About” was not working at that time. So there may a bug that one cannot properly pin a post of one’s choosing that is not site-pinned.

I did not get to try logging out then back in because I could not find where that functionality is hidden. :thinking: