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T Replacement Doctor in Nashville/Hendersonville TN


I have been on testosterone replacement therapy for about a year now. I feel amazing, before I started the therapy my T levels were 300 and now they are perfect. My depression is gone, high blood pressure disappeared, and all around the quality of life has increased. The problem is that my insurance does not cover the Low-T center ($255/month). Does anyone know a doctor that I can get a prescription from and do the shots myself? I have BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.


Call Defy Medical, they are a lot cheaper. They are $100-$150 per month ($1300-$2000 per year) and have some of the best doctors who specialize in TRT and thyroid related diseases. Lots of guy around the country used them. It’s going to be difficult to find a good TRT doctor in Tenn.


That was quick! Thank you for the reply, I checked out Defy Medical but they seem to be in Florida?


That’s correct, they offer a service where you go to a regular doctor for a physical and blood work and the general doctor sends labs and paperwork to Defy and Defy does an video conferencing or by phone and goes over labs and sets you on a protocol, they send everything to you.

Doctors really got more info about you via blood work, the only reason you must see a doctor in person is for a physical.


Maxwell clinic. Nashville and Clarksville. Excellent Dr. They not only prescribe test, they perscribe AI and allow self injection. Also very thorough.


Thanks systemlord, I contacted defy yesterday for the details. I appreciate your help!


Excellent, Ill give them a call on Monday! I really love the therapy to the center I go to is getting way too pricey :slight_smile:


Your welcome, now you don’t have to go through a bunch of clueless doctors before you get one who knows what their doing.