T-ransforNation 2017: Jacked Squirrel Just Trying to See My N*tz

Hello All,

My name is Joel and I am a father to seven children. I also teach economics at a local college in my spare time.

As I have posted once before I lost my 23 year old son, and two of his friends, this summer to a drunk driver and to say the least lifting has been helping me work out some anger issues.

I am doing the contest in order to be around for my kids as I have gained a lot of non-muscle weight in recent years.

Well enough about me to some pics and my info.

Gender Male (I think)
Age 39 (40 next month)
Height 5’ 10"
Highest Weight: 310
Starting Weight (1/1): 300
Current Weight (1/9): 294
Goal Weight: 225 (ambitious) with little loss in strength (unlikely)

Neck 19.5"
Chest 52"
Arms 19"
Forearm 14.5"
Waist (largest) 52"
Waist (smallest) 50"
Hip 47"
Thigh 30"
Calf 20.5"

Current Body Fat (a lot); getting a Dxa Scan in a few weeks to know

Weight Watchers (no laughing, the wife wanted me to do it with her)
I use carb cycling, with Skiploads for 3 hours a week.

My biggest impediment to progress is that I f’ld up my metabolism a few years back by quitting the Dew (Mountain that is) cold turkey and simultaneously cutting out all sugars and unhealthy food. I in essence cut 2000-3000 calories a day cold turkey at 240-250 lbs. Over the last few years I have engaged in eating very little most days and some days eating enough. All of this while lifting and with a lot of stress and frustration. My calories would fluctuate from 1250-1900 calories a day and a few times a month I would eat like a normal person.

This was problematic since as a teen/young adult I was a hard gainer who ate 10,000 plus calories many days of the week. I was also a competitive gymnast and coach in multiple sports. Somehow I took an awesome metabolism and am now afraid/unable to eat. So, I am working on that.

I realized the problem when I was back in AZ with my grandmother for a family funeral for a week. I did not workout, ate out at a casino buffet 7 times and was force feed German food and desserts by her for the week. I averaged 3000 or more calories a day. In that week I lost 15 lbs (the most ever). Since then I have noticed that when I eat like a man I lose.

My lifting strategy is to use a five day split (still working out issues with layout). I use a lot (too much volume). I lift on the minute or two minute mark in order to keep the heart rate elevated. On accessory lifts I often take less then a 30 second rest.

Cardio will be added as weight loss slows. I lost 6lbs the first week, so no cardio yet.


First Week Info:

Diet (Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat)
1/1 1,758 97 162 80
1/2 2,200 215 209 58
1/3 1,926 180 202 42
1/4 2,086 159 275 41
1/5 2,337 215 204 72
1/8 2,624 193 332 47

Leg Press
270x20 270x5 270x5

Incline Dumbell Press
30x30 50x8 65x8 75x8 85x8 (95x5)*5

Incline Hammer Strength
180x8 230x8 230x6 270x3 90x15 90x20 90x5 90x5

Pec Dec (One Arm at a Time)
60x8 60x10 60x10

Pec Dec Press (DoggCrapp Style)
100x10 100x10 120x10 130x8

Leg Press

Leg Press Calf
270x20 270x20

90x10 140x10 (180x6)*3 (230x3)*2

Incline Dumbbell Press
45x25 (65x20)*2

Incline Hack Squat
70x20 90x15 180x12 270x12 360x6 410x4 320x6 270x10 270x10 180x20 90x20

Leg Press
360x10 450x10 540x10 630x5 630x5

Leg Extension
40x15 85x15

Did not save 1/4-1/5

I super-setted Hack Squats, Machine Shrugs, and Calf Raises for warm-up.
90x20 90x20 90x15 90x12 90x1

Incline Dumbbell Press
50x10 65x10 85x9 85x6 85x7 85x8 85x6

Incline Hammer Strength
140x10 180x10 230x6 240x6 250x6 260x

You are a pretty strong presser

Nice work man

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Leg Press
270x44 360x16

Kroc Row
35x15 50x15 65x15 80x14 85x12 90x12 95x8

Lat Pulldown
80x15 90x10 100x10 110x10 120x7 130x6 140x6 150x4 80x15

135x10 135x12 135x13 135x15

Crunch Machine
67.5x20 67.5x20

Today was okay. I could not find a good place to dead, so I kept the weight constant and pounded out speed reps. Working out with my wife is fun, but she likes to leave to quickly.

1,946 201 71 91

Diet is hard. I just am not hungry (all mental). I forced myself to eat a mix of sugar free pudding, made with .5 cups heavy cream, and two scoops of protein powder at teh end of the day to get my calories up. The nice thing about Weight Watchers is that It forces me to admit how little I eat.


Sorry to hear about your son. I look forward to following your progress, keep up the good work.


Welcome aboard! Good to see you taking control. Feel free to ask any questions as there are tons of knowledgeable people on here to help out.

Looks like you are definitely moving in the right direction though, so keep consistent and things will start falling into place.


Rock on to starting the blog and looking forward to seeing the progress. I tell people, if I can do it, anyone can, so you got this and will enjoy following the progress!


So it has been a while since I have updated–sorry!
As of February 1st. These are my stats. Sorry I have not updated my pics yet.

Weight 288 lbs (currently 279 lbs)

Neck 18.75
Chest 48.75
Waist 48
Hips 49.5
Thigh 30
Bicep 18.5
Calf 19.5
Forearm 14.75

I have been sick this week, but the diet and lifting have been slow and steady (currently a little over e lbs a week). My lifts are OK, but progressing in weights or reps on some days is mentally tough.

I am still finding it tough to eat enough, but I do better on weeks I do. I am averaging 2-3 lbs of extra lean meat a day (200-250 g of protein).

I might not update all missing workouts and diets. I am not using a Polar HRM for what it is worth to monitor workouts.

Yesterday I felt like shit and for some reason the gym was fullish on V Day. I was supposed to finish biceps, forearms, and calves from the day before. I was supposed to go heavy on quads. Unfortunately, the squat racks were full and the hack slide. F it I am going to just do leg press.

Lifts (2.14.17) 38 min, 463 cal
Leg press
180x100 warm-up (took a little over 5 min)
660x13. 660x7. 660x6. 660x5. 660x5 (why not 720, could not find enough 45s)

Leg Extensions

My muscles are aching too much to lift more today and I need to pickup my kid from water polo.

Treadmill Hill climb for 31 min, 373 cal (1.7 mi)

Still feel like shit, plus Wednesday is normally a rest day. I was going to try to hit the gym since I am out of town Friday and Saturday for work, but nope.

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2.16.17 281 lbs. 61 min, 538 Cal.

Warm -Up
Leg Press
320x25. 320x25.

Waiter plate press

Hammer Strength Seated Overhead Press
230x6. 230x6.

JM Press in Smith
150x8. 150x6. 150x6. 150x6. 150x9

DB Squezze Press incline for triceps

W Shoulder Health
10x10. 10x10. 10x10.

Single Arm Cable Pushdown

Still feel under the weather, but improving.

2.19.17 57 min, 641 cal (30 min, 377cal, 2.27 mi)
282 lbs

Incline DB Bench (11 sets, 81 reps)
50x15; 60x13; 70x10; 80x9; 95x8; 110x3; 100x5; 100x4; 100x4; 100x4; 95x6

Incline Hammer Strength Press (9 sets, 58 reps)
90x10; 180x7; 270x0; 230x5; 250x3
Remaining sets done in a rotation. Both arms, right then left, repeat. Lots of tut.
180x3; 180x3; 140x5; 90x6

Seated Machine Fly
Done under constant tension alternating sides across.
100x7; 50x6; 70x10

Machine Crunch
100x20; 100x15; 100x15
Still recovering.

2.21.17 36 min, 345 cal (30 min, 373 cal, 2.73 mi.)
281 lbs

Wrist & Forearm Health (I have torn my forearm muscle in the past, ouch)
10x30; 15x30; 20x30

Reverse Grip Curl DB
10x10; 15x10; 20x10

Reverse Grip Cable Curl (per side)
20x15; 20x10; 30x10; 40x10; 50x5; 30x19

Cable Curl Concentration (per side)
30x10; 40x10; 50x8; 30x13

Cable Curl
80x10; 100x10; 120x8; 80x9

Pinwheel Curl
50x6; 40x6; 35x7

My wife was ready to bail, so I obliged. I should have done calves, but as my calves are over 20" I think I am fine skipping.

Kinda bummed, I gained 1.8 lbs this week (my first gain). Unfortunately, I only averaged 1800 Cal’s a day last week and that is not enough fuel. I am eating more and my digestive system is starting to work again. Hoping to make up lost ground this week.

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2.22.17 37 min, 452 cal (30 min, 344 cal, 2.88 mi.) 284 lbs

Felt pretty good for working out at night. I normally do not workout on Wed or at night, but with being out of town for work on Fri-Sun I am not certain how much I can fit in this week. I cut the workout short due to being tired (past my old man bedtime) at 11 pm.


45x12; 135x20; 205x20; 225x12; 295x8; 345x4; 365x2; 135x20.
I felt like I had enough in the tank to do more reps at maximal weight and to go for 4 plates, but I wussed out and went safe, so that I can lift again in the morning.

Sissy Squats (I lacked flexibility after the squats so only one set. If it does not feel right, I stop.)

Leg Press (Slow, deep, and controlled how I like them. Done in clusters of 3 continuous with a pause at the top before the next three. I need to catch my breath. 15 sec rests.)
450x11; 450x9; 450x7; 450x5; 450x3; 450x1

Leg Extensions (slow with pause at top, true 3-4 sec descent)
70x10; 85x10; 100x10

I still have no hunger or food cravings and my weight-loss is stalled. I am trying to force myself to eat at 2100 cals a day or more. In this vain I might start using edible canabis to increase my hunger on some days. I know from prior experience that I lose best at 2500-2800 cals and I can eat up to 3000-3500 cals consistently without weight gain. I am getting in 200-250 grams of protein a day via food sources alone (I eat 2-3 lbs of lean meat a day, every day).