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T-ransformation 2020?

Noticed in years past you would start to drum up interest in November… am I missing it? Are we still doing one? @Chris_Colucci

Bumping this. I swore to myself last year (and the year before) that I would pay closer attention this year and not come out of my holiday stupor in January and realize I’d missed it.

If I don’t break down, this year, I want in too.

It’s not looking good :cry:


I will be “in”. In that I’ll train exactly how I would without it, but take a few photos

I was away for a long weekend and just catching up now. (Did get food poisoning on the last day away, so at least I’ve got a headstart on this year’s weight loss.)

The only real speedbump is that, unfortunately, it seems like interest might be waning. Last year, we had more people than ever start… but also had more people than ever not finish. 2018 had 50 people at the start and 36 complete. 2019 had 63 in the beginning and only 35 finish.

We should still be able to give it a go and see if that can turn around. I’ll get something up very soon. Despite the last-minuteness, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks man. I really enjoyed it last year.

I’d be interested again, especially since this year I wont be recovering from a flooded house.

I will be starting AND finishing this year.

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I dunno. I might do it this year.



Thanks man!

I’ll be in this year because I’m going to be in arguably the worst shape I’ve been in (for at least a decade) on 1/1/20.

Sorry if this is a dumbass question but where do I sign up for the transformation challenge? I’m starting a log on here tomorrow under the training log section to start logging my training and diet, is that all I need? Thanks for any help any of you can provide.


I am in.

That reminds me to take these last two days off.

S & V chips here i come!

I’m in again this year. And I will certainly finish it. I’m up to 260, which is 20lbs heavier than I’ve been in my entire life, not all fat, but it’s time to shed the excess and see what’s underneath.