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T-ransformation 2018

I’ll be following but unlikely in. I need to fill out the 198s with some quality mass so any kind of cutting is off the cards right now.

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We’re doing the same thing it sounds like. I’m doing a show January 20 that has really favorable events for me. I expect to qualify for nationals there. Probably will do 198 class. I ended up with a couple wins and several other top 3’s this year, so smaller comp wins don’t really matter to me anymore. I competed 6 times this year. I plan to do this January show, and maybe one other outside of nationals. Goal is pretty lofty, but it’s to finish top 15 overall at nationals, and not zero any event. realllllly hoping to not see yoke this year. Or circus db. But will probably see both lol.


My failings with a circus db haunt my dreams. I need to buy one.

We’re basically twins! Except I’m taller, weaker, and fatter lol

If you want to do any online competing when events get announced or any event in general, I’m totally in. I don’t have training partners often and the competition would do me well.


yea i’m totally up for it. My next comp has some very standard events in it, so we could make a competition out of 1 or more of those events. It’s max log, max deadlift (standard bar, off the floor), a stone series, farmers carries @ 240 per hand, and a front hammer hold for time. Any of those implements strike your fancy?

I’d also be down for a circus db challenge.

Log and deadlift you probably got me, but if you wanted p4p I might be able to compete.

Depending on the stone weights, I could play. I’d hate to use way lighter stones.

Farmers I can do.

Do you happen to know the hammer weight?

Maybe after I pick up a circus db we could lay out some terms.

Started a new thread for the announcement. Head over and take a read:

I’m going to do the same - work on adding mass and maybe a min-cut as we get close to the June 1 finish line.

What’s your experience in getting into “photo ready” shape? I’ve never done it so could use some advice as we go along about when to start a cut and how to modify nutrition (if you’re willing to share that knowledge).

I’ve never really done it. I tend to stay lean-ish year round which could be why I’ve struggled to add quality mass over the years. I just plan to reduce calories gradually and make adjustments based on how I look.

Head over to the bodybuilding forum and check out Rob’s stuff. He’s chronicled his journeys to get stage worthy.


thanks man - Yeah, I’ve been lurking on Rob’s contest prep pages a while. I guess I’ll have to use my recent V-Diet as a guideline as to when I should start a cut for the end of this challenge although I don’t want to get anywhere near stage ready. Maybe down to 9-10% and see how that goes.

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That’s my plan. I don’t really desire to get that lean. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love the look, but I like beer and pizza and other treats. There’s not really room for cheating in the single digit body fat world so I choose to lurk just on the edge while sipping my beer.

I don’t wanna shoot myself in the foot as a coach, but if you read rob’s thread, brad’s thread, Josh’s posts and replies… or any of the other folks I’ve prepped on here’s logs, you can figure out a lot of common variables.

That’s not saying everyone follows the exact same plan (what I had Rob do and what I had Brad do was very different!) BUT, when I was first getting started and began really dissecting what I saw most top competitors doing, there was a lot of agreement on what worked and what didn’t. Being smart enough to see what works for you and deciding why is the next big step :slight_smile:



Thanks for the input, @The_Mighty_Stu!

Yeah I’ve been lurking and reading a lot to see what might work for me.

Going to try some things out and see how it goes and hopefully get dialed in by implementing the advice/techniques you guys have laid out/discussed.

You are in NY aren’t you?

Success leaves clues my friend! One of the best validations I had was while prepping for one of my first few contests and chatting with guys like Cordova and Clarida and in describing what I was doing, hearing that they processed things in a very similar manner.

Yeah, still in NY!


If you don’t mind answering, what do you think about this basic nutrition plan for 5/3/1 Triumvirate?

I am just not sure if eating only +200 calories over maintenance is enough food for the program if I’m going to run it as a 2 - 6 week cycles with a 7th deload week after each.

As I indicated, I just came off V-Diet to get rid of some extra weight that I’d accumulated over the last several years of not doing anything active.

I’ve calculated by maintenance caloric needs to be right about 2600

If I ran a strict +250 that would be 2850 and if I go off the formula calories = 16x current body weight(pounds) I end up with 2720.

Obviously the latter is an even stricter caloric surplus but are either/both too low for what the 5/3/1 will demand from my body?

I’d hate to get 3-4 weeks in only to be sabotaging myself nutritionally by not eating enough (I know I can always adjust up if needed)

I was going into this challenge with the idea that I would cut the last 6-8 weeks only and put on as much size and strength as I could before that.

If you don’t want to answer specifically since that’s what many folks pay you for, I totally understand but a general thumbs up or thumbs down to whether +250 is a good place to start in my case would be very helpful. Thanks.

I’m in. I’ll provide the before photos probably mid December. I’m probably going to do more calisthenics starting in January, so physique might change a little bit by June, in addition to still trying to get to a very low bf%.



I’m not a follower of the whole 5/3/1 thing, but I can say that most people overestimate how many calories in surplus they need to support new tissue growth. IMO, the modest (smart?) amount you proposed might be all you need in terms of a weekly (x7) amount. Still, you might be better suited having a higher surplus on training days an d a lesser one (maintenance?) on non-training days. You’d still have the same weekly surplus of nutrients, but you’d be better supported on harder training days, while not force feeding your way to a spare tire.



Who really has to force their way to this? :laughing:


OK, sounds good. Thanks for the advice.

I’ll check out some logs for examples of people doing high/medium/low days for carbs and see what I come up with.

Hard training days (lower body for sure and maybe all 4 lifting days): ~ 2800 calories
Non-training/conditioning days: ~ 2200 calories

That will put me at an average of 2543 calories a day (17800/7) which is just a little higher than midway maintenance between moderately active and lightly active.

So I’ll calculate my protein requirements (1g/lb body weight) and fat (.35g/lb body weight) and eat the remaining calories in carbs to make up the difference between 2800 and 2200 calories.

Is that about right, a 150g of carbs difference between a high and low carb day?

Again, I’ll do some more research and looking for examples but if anyone has any comments about my logic and or my ideas, please feel free.

Especially if I’m off my rocker and need to be slapped silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ll know soon enough. Very few people. All their perfect Macros right out of the gate. There are too many factors they don’t plan for. So realizing that you may have to shuffle things as you go is part of the plan.


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Got it!

As we say in the Marine Corps, “Semper Gumby”

Translation: Always Flexible

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