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T-ransformation 2018

Yeah, I’d say you’re in a good spot for bench at least!


I’m torn between really going all in on this or following another strength cycle and maintaining, into a cut. But that won’t give me enough time to really make any major change. This is the first year I’ve had real success improving my numbers so I don’t want to rush into a full blown diet phase and erase all that progress.

I’ll play it by ear, but for now I might have to wait until 2019 to give a real dramatic fat loss transformation.

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I don’t know how much fat you’ll be retaining by April 1st but you could keep doing what you’re doing and still cut quite a bit the last eight weeks.

I’ve lost 8 lbs since Nov 1st and that’s using today’s weight (post Thanksgiving).

You don’t have to be single digit body fat to compete - - just show a change. And you need to compete this year if you want a shot at winning the year to year transformation :wink:

Back off, this one is mine. :muscle:


I’m not in the running this year so I have to think long term… Like really long term… 2020…?

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I’m skipping a lot of gym time right now to get ready for my before pic :slight_smile:


Well, shit.


Lol, avoid the sun, don’t shave, mess up your hair, drink a few gallons of soda before taking your before pic…

I’m pretty sure “furious-pete” actually made a video detailing how he scammed his famous before/after pics.



I’m pretty sure that even if everything else works well, 50% of my visual progress from January to July will consist of a half-decent tan.

Man i don’t want to be a rude asshole but that is ass backwards. Use the competition for a bit of drive along the road you’re already travelling. Don’t throw away long term progress for the chance at a bit of glory. You’ll spend the first half of the comp just getting back to where you were.

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I don’t even have to try to look fat, I’ve just actually got fat. Now I gotta try to at least get to where I ended the last challenge before I post pics lol


This. Only worse.

Isn’t that exactly what I’m saying? I am making good progress at improving my strength, as good as I ever have, and I dont want to start dropping calories and adding cardio, almost certainly killing my strength gains (long term progress), for a chance at coming in good shape for the contest (bit of glory). Maybe I misunderstand you but it sounds like we are saying the same thing. Getting lean is “easy” for me, not that it happens quickly or easily, but I know the “recipe” and have no problems executing it. So for me to get lean again is no big deal, but increasing my strength levels has been elusive.

As it stands I am going to continue this current program until about mid February, and slowly start to move in the direction of leanness. If I can manage it without tanking my numbers I’ll ride it out and see how far I can take it.


Solid plan. Especially since you know what you’re doing and know what works for you, a 16-ish week cut can still bring big changes.

Ok, here are my befores

How did you like it?

It was very effective for what I wanted to accomplish. I had been inactive for 4 years and just gained an extra 10-15 pounds of fat. You can check out more specifics in my log on the biotest forum here

I’m probably going to run this again towards the end of the 2018 T-ramsformation challenge to lean out again after trying to put on some size in the first part of the year.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about it and I can answer those.

Hey @Chris_Colucci didn’t you summarize what poses are mandatory for the pics somewhere? I must have forgot how to internet and I can’t find them. Any other “rules” would be good to know so I can follow them.

It’s over in the announcements page.


Yep. That’s the official announcement thread. I’ve been going back and forth about locking this thread to avoid exactly that kind of confusion, but there’s some good info going on around here.

When it starts on Jan 1, I may just edit the other thread’s title to make it even more clear that that’s the primary thread, while this thread is the “Robert Rodriguez Predators” of T-ransformation 2018 discussion threads. Not terrible on its own, but absolutely second fiddle to the original.