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T-ransformation 2018

Everybody still on board for renewing the transformation challenge next year? Same parameters? 1/1-6/1? Anybody have any feedback on how they think it could improve from this year?


Way to steal the thunder, ha. It’s already in the works behind the scenes here and will be officially announced soon.

This might as well be a good start to see who’s in.


Sorry about that lol, just making sure that it’s still on. Really wanna have a better showing than last year since I talked a bunch of smack and didn’t deliver :joy:

It sounds like the T-nation/biotest guys are hopping on board with it. Can’t wait to see what y’all got in store

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I’ve got my money on Colucci


It’s not a bent press contest. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ll be in again. As sad as it is, this little contest really helped me to focus earlier this year…

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Interested, What EXACTLY is it?

or should i just wait for @Chris_Colucci to deliver?

How long before @yogi joins the contest to not participate :slight_smile: lol.

Your support…

I really, really, really wouldn’t mind if it was.

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Physique transformation contest organized by the forum members last year, went from Jan 1 to June 1. This was the main thread and this was the results thread.

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I’ll be in again for sure.

I’ve definitely enjoyed the strength gains and loose nutrition over the last 5 months, but when a solid group of people join one common goal it’s just the competitive push I need to not be a fat-ass.

I’m looking forward to the official announcement and what @Chris_Colucci has in store for us.

Biotest supplement contract.


This time I’ll be in!

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I’ll be in, might not need a full 5 months to be where I want but I’ve definitely let my 2017 conditioning go a bit

I’m in again. I’m reallllllly lean right now, so I’m glad I’ve got a couple months to add a little fat and lose some muscle before we get this started…


I’m in this time!

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Pffft, like that’s gonna happen. You’ll probably start the transformation at a true 8% or something ridiculous (in a good way of course)

motherfucker I’m going to bury you this year

edit: although I’m cutting now so I might need to try and get bigger which is a way harder way to get an impressive before/after. Dunno.

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Lol, you should, man! Shit, it wouldn’t even be that hard. I only lost 20 pounds off this tubby little body I’ve got going…

I’m gonna do better this year, though. Mark my words.

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I fully intend not to come in last again this year lol.

This has been my most consistent year of training ever. Unfortunately it coincided with a case of the fuckits with regard to diet. Just dialing that back in over the past few weeks. Maybe I can come in 1-1-18 looking less like the Michelin Man.

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I hear ya, it was a strong first half of the year for me and it’s gonna all downhill since then… I’m gonna blame it on the newborn and take zero personal responsibility for it (lol).


I’m a newb but I’d like to join in.