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Competetive distance runner for about a decade, decided to take up lifting 4 years ago. Went from 140 lbs to my current heaviest at 178 lbs. Looking to compete in my first strongman event at the end of the summer because, well, it looks fun.

Here’s the before pic, doing one last peak cycle for squat and bench then I’ll start working on getting the abs back


Welcome!. In for your log.


Thanks for the welcome to the forums. A little over a year ago I changed to a legs/push/pull/rest routine and started seeing huge progress. For the last 3 months or so the rest day turned into arms and rear delt day with only the occasional day off if I felt like I really needed it. I’m a pretty big fan of high volume training but I think that with the strength I’ve gained over the last year it’s no longer sustainable and I will be making the switch to a 4 day training split with two upper/lower days. I feel fine during most of my workouts but when I wake up after 9 hours of sleep ready to go right back to bed I know I’m doing a bit too much (actually slept 11 hours last night and finally felt like I got enough sleep) Here’s the last 3 days of legs/push/pull that I did which will probably show why I feel like I need to sleep so much.

Also current maxes are (lbs):
squat 365
bench 325
conventional dl 365
jefferson dl 415x2


Low bar squat: 7x3x315, 3x3x325
Hip Thurst/Leg press super set with thrusts going 235x15, 285x15, 305x15, 335x15, 3x355x15 and leg press staying at 450x12 for each set.
seated knee extension/cable hip abduction superset for 4x15 of each


Bench 2x265x6, 265x4, 265x5 (had some really weird thing going on with my forearm near my elbow where my arm would give out at the bottom of the motion and I had almost no power. Was very frustrating so I cut it a bit short and hopefully it isn’t an issue the next time I bench)
Push Press 135x8, 155x6, 175x5, 4x185x5
Incline dbell press 80x6, 85x6, 5x90x8, 90x7
Weighed dip/low to high cable fly superset with dips at +45 lbs for 12 then +90 lbs for a set up 8 followed by a set of 7. All 3 sets of flys were for 15 reps

conventional deadlift 2x295x5, 4x315x5
high angle cheating barbell rows 3x275x15, 2x295x12, 3x315x12
weighted neutral grip pull up/facepull/straight arm pull down superset. +45lbs for pull ups for 6x6 with facepulls and pull downs at 15 reps each set.

Looking forward to the extra rest with only 4 training days a week. Will also give me a chance to run on the off days, there’s a couple 5ks I want to run later in the spring. Also planning on working on my deadlift once I start to cut, my technique needs a bit of work so for the past however many months I’ve just been doing enough to maintain where I’m at. Over the past 6 months my squat has gone up 90 lbs so that’s been the main focus for bulk season. Somehow managed a 30lb bench pr after not going over 245lbs for over 8 months so trying one more peak cycle with that as well.


Managed a 385 squat today (20 lb pr) wasn’t planning on maxing until next week but felt good, hopefully the addition of loud music and ammonia can get me up to 405. Can’t argue with a 110 lb increase in under 8 months, gotta love the newbie gains


Last 2 days of training went like this:

Squat 2x295x5 4x315x5
Deadlift 2x295x5 6x315x5
Hip thrust + lunge superset. HT 2x295x15 2x345x15 Lunge 4x135x7 steps each leg

Bench 225x5 2x245x5 4x255x5
Push press and penlay row superset. PP 135x8 155x5 3x185x5 PR 135x12 4x155x12
Incline dbell press, incline reverse fly, band “draw the sword” exercise. IP 80x8 85x8 3x90x8 95x8 IRF 6x30x15 DtS 6x12
Weighted neutral grip pull ups and face pulls superset PU 5x45x7 FP 5x90x20
Weighted dip and seated cable row superset. WD 4x45x15 SCR 115x12 3x130x12

Deadlifts have been feeling really good lately, think I found a few tweaks to make with my form. Not a lift I really like but might try a peak cycle if it keeps feeling good. Also really happy with the weighted pull ups, sets of 5 were hard not too long ago and now sets of 7 are no problem. And weird elbow/shoulder pain is being minimized with push movements.

On top of all that, I’m down about 4 lbs over the last month and only real change was cutting out 1 big 30 oz glass of whole milk a day. If the light hits me just right then the abs start to peak out so things are coming along well


I’ve come to the conclusion that squatting 315 for sets of 5 is just too heavy. I can muscle through it but form starts to break down by the 2nd set which I think is a bit counterproductive.

Yesterday was 8 sets of squats at 295x5. I might bump this up to 305 in the next week or two but I like the way 295 feels and the form doesn’t really break down until the last set or two.

Bench today was the same as the last time I posted with 2x225x5 2x245x5 4x255x5. I was expecting it to start dropping because I’m down 6 lbs from 178 to 172 which makes a world of difference in how I look because I’m only 5’6. I figure I have maybe another 3-5 lbs to go but I’m in no hurry to lose it.