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T-ransformation 2017: Lord Humongous Pain Train log



And so it begins. I shall post tomorrow with my weight, bf % and before pic. For now I’ll start with my training regimen.

I’ll be setting some lifts back a couple cycles and lowering TM from 90 to 85% so I can get away with less deloads until the end of the comp.
so Current 1rm and (85% TM) are as follows:
Dead: 425 (365)
Squat: 365 (310)
Press: 155 (130)
Bench: 280 (240)
Power clean: 205 (175)
Front Squat: 265 (225)

I’ll be doing a leader/anchor 531 set up. 2 cycles of leader with a cycle of anchor, repeated 3 times. Leader shall be a full body with power cleans, 5s pro set up with higher volume. Anchor will be a more intense 351 with rep records and jokers.

Agile 8
Hang cleans 65/75/85x5
Front squat: 5s pro
Bench: 5s pro+3x8 FSL superset with face pulls
Curls superset with abs 50 reps each

Agile 8
Hang cleans 65/76/85 x5
Squat: 5s pro+3x8 FSL superset with fat man pull up
Press: 5s pro+3x8 FSL superset with abs

Agile 8
Front squat: 5s pro
Deadlift 5s pro+3x8 FSL
DB bench with abs
Shrugs 50 reps

Agile 8
Squat : 351
FS: 5s pro
Curls/abs 50 each

Agile 8
Jumps x20
Press: 351
DB bench
Chin ups/abs 25/50

Agile 8
Deadlift 351
Bench 351
RDL superset with DB OHP 3x10
Shrugs/abs 50 each

The T-ransformation 2017 Results

As for diet, since my main goal is to lean out, I’ll be starting out at roughly 2500 kcal, 25%(70g) fat, 35%(200g) carbs, 40%(250g) protein. I’ll be starting indigo so depending on how my body responds I might swapping around some carbs and protein

Fish oil
Multi vitamin
Vit D
greens powder


That looks like a great set of workouts - big compound lifts cut with mobility


Well, I’ve officially been on this ambulance since New Years morning. We’ve been so slammed I haven’t been able to go home. If I’m actually allowed to leave this evening I’ll post my before pics and log my workout tonight


Well yesterday I was lucky enough to have Jim Wendler himself give me a full body with power cleans program to follow so I’d be stupid not to use it.

So my workout last night was
Agile 8
10 broad jumps
Cleans: SSL 135x5x5
Squats: 205x5, 235x5, 265x12 with fat man pull ups
Press: FSL 85x10x5

My nutrition was pretty decent, came up a little short on my calories


Well today was pretty intense training wise.

Agile 8
10 jumps
Cleans: 115x5, 135x5, 150x12
Press: 85x5, 95x5, 110x12 with 50 rows
FS FSL: 145x10x5 superset with 50 dips (did these as quick as possible, got pretty shitty after about the 8th set)

Definitely feeling pretty rough after doing this workout right after the one last night. Gonna focus on recovery, maybe some epsom salt baths and mobility work and gonna fuck shit up on Friday

Will update on my nutrition later tonight


Just tried an epsom salt bath for the first time and I feel like a million bucks. Really helped relieve the soreness in my legs/glutes, traps and shoulders.

Also here’s my nutrition totals for the day. (On MyFitnessPal, another thing I just tried yesterday. It’s insane that this app is free, makes calorie counting 1000x easier)


Can’t wait to drop the flubber. The holiday season kinda fucked me up for a while. Back up to 250 and about 21-22% bf. Didn’t move all the way back but definitely lost a lot of my progress. If I can get down to 10-12% by June I’ll be happy since that’ll be the leanest I’ve been in my life


No training today. Just 12 more hours of picking up, pushing and pulling patients. I actually haven’t been really hungry at all the last few days. Almost all my carbs are coming from fruits, sweet potatoes, veggies and regular potatoes so I keep pretty satiated. And I’m not feeling run down at all, I’m actually chomping at the bit waiting for my next workout every day. Tomorrow gon’ be fun


Awesome workout today. I met some new guys at the gym today who are way stronger than me so I finally have some training partners besides my lovable Internet cohorts. They were doing heavy squats and I couldn’t resist. So my training went:

Cleans SSL 135x5x5

365x3 (5 lbs more than my previous 1rm)
405x1 (a little ugly and maybe a little high, but I’m ecstatic right now)

Press: FSL 85x5x10


To be fair, however, this was my first time ever using knee wraps, which explains some of that extra boost in weight. Plus I had em so tight I felt like I was fighting against them trying to hit depth. This was also my first time wearing the new belt that I got along with the wraps so I was also trying to break that in. Not making excuses, just giving a little extra background on what was going on


Congrats man, 405lbs is no joke!


Thanks a lot man. I’ll feel a lot more proud of it when I can do it going a few inches deeper with better form haha


@MarkKO I lurk on your log a bunch and watch your videos. I’m wondering how you put all your sets together into one video. Is it something you do on your phone or do you have to upload it to a computer and edit the videos together? I’d like to start doing it, but if it’s a complicated process I’ll probably not worry about it


Figured I’d add a before pic with an actual pose going. Excited to see what it looks like about 30-40 lbs lighter


Another good day of eating. MyFitnessPal is a great tool for keeping on top of macros and calories


@lord_humongous I use VideoShow


Decent work out today.

Agile 8


Cleans: 140x5x5

Bench: ramped up to a single of 285, then 5 paused reps of 225 superset with DB rows

205x3 Superset with 50 curls
315x2x3, 315x1x5

OHP: 95x 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 6 (50 reps)
Superset with 100 band pull aparts

Gonna be pressed for time the rest of my workouts today so I wanted to really lay into it today


Stepped the intensity up today by cutting way do n on rest times.

Warm up(20 minutes of stationary bike)
10 jumps
Cleans: 3x5/3/1

Press: 5x5/3/1(superset with 50 rows, 1 set of 50 pull aparts, which sucked dick)

FS: SSL 5x5 superset with 5x10 dips


Friday 1/13/17

Warm ups

10 jumps


405x1(wrapped) didn’t get a video this time but I went a lot deeper and went up way smoother than my last try