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T-ransformation 2017: HeraWynn1's Blog

That’s amazing.I’ll be following too

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You know I’ll be following! :slight_smile: Keep killing it man!

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Very impressive! Keep up the good work, you should be proud of what you have achieved this far.

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Since today is an off day from the gym, I have a little time to myself to post up what workouts I did the past two days, as well as my nutrition. WARNING!!! The nutrition part will be boring. No complaining, you have been warned. So here is my workout. Standard format, how many sets followed by how many reps per set and adding in my rest period between sets. Basically I run on long, medium and short, being about a minute, about 30-40 seconds, and roughly 15 seconds respectively.

Monday Workout

Incline DB Press 4X8 Long Rest
Low to High Cables 3X10 Medium Rest
Flat Press Machine 3X10 Medium Rest
High to Low Cables 3X15 Short Rest
Pec Deck 3X15 Short Rest

Seated DB Curls 3X10 Medium Rest
Close Grip Preacher Curl 3X6-8 Medium Rest
Slow DB Hammer Curls w/ Pause 3X15 Short Rest
Curl Machine 3X10,10,10 Short Rest. Basically this is my chance to really make those Biceps burn. I start at a weight, and basically do a mini drop set, 10 reps, drop the weight, 10 reps, drop the weight, 10 reps. The
last one of the last set I will rep at the low weight to fail.

Tuesday Workout

Seated DB Shoulder Press 3X10 Medium Rest
Delt Machine/Upright Row Wid Grip Super Set 3X10,12 Short Rest
Seated Delt Raises/Front Raises Super Set 3X15,15 Short Rest
Rear Pec Deck 3X15 Short Rest

V Bar Push Down 3X10 Medium Rest
Rope Pull Down 3X15 Short Rest
Decline Extensions 3X15 Medium Rest
Dips/Dip Machine 3X15 Short Rest

After every workout I am doing 20 minutes of static cardio on the elliptical machine and pushing to keep my heart rate between 120-125 BPM

If anyone is curious, I will start posting the weights I am doing as well. Chest is definitely my weak point, and I would love to build bigger lateral delts hence hitting them twice. Kind of three times since the wider grip upright rows I feel them working. To me, what really makes a “I lift weights” look is good looking Traps, Delts, and Lats, so that is a goal. As for the nutrition, here comes the bore part of this update, but I do have to say, I literally have been eating the same thing for about two months now. Once we get down a little lower we will be introducing carbs back in.

Meal 1
3 whole eggs, 2 egg whites and 4 slices of bacon
25g Fat, 39g Protein, 400 calories

Meal 2
28 Slices of Pepperoni, 2oz of Chedder Cheese
44g Fat, 26g Protein, 500 calories

Meal 3
2 Tbsp Almond Butter, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil, 4oz Chicken, Broccoli
32g Fat, 32g Protein, 6g Carbs, 440 Calories

Meal 4
1Tbsp Olive Oil, 4oz Chicken
14g Fat, 24g Protein, 240 Calories

Meal 5
4oz Beef (be it burger or fatty steak) and peppers/onions
15g Fat, 20g Protein, 300 Calories

Meal 6
2 Tbsp Almond Butter, 28 Slices of Pepperoni
44g Fat, 20g Protein, 6g Carbs, 480 Calories.

Grand Totals (roughly)
159g Far, 161g Protein, 12ish g of Carbs, 2360 Calories

To mix things up, the chicken and Olive Oil is substituted with either 4oz of Salmon, which my local butcher does up these amazing smoked salmon filet’s for me, or a can of Sardines. These things have like a 5 year shelf life, so I just stock up on a LOT of cans as a “Just in case” deal, and comes in handy for this Keto Diet. I also rotate my midday veggie between Broccoli, Spinach, and Asparagus. I add pepper to both my eggs, bacon and chicken, as well as Iodized sea salt to my eggs and garlic salt to my chicken. I also make a HUGE point to get Antibiotic/Hormone Free/Grass Fed, quality cuts of meat and cheese from my butcher every week. Though Boars Head pepperoni does make life easier, sometimes I switch it up and go with a stick of my butchers pepperoni and instead of 28 slices, I cut myself 2oz.

I think that is about it. Would love feedback and thoughts. I do have to say, @robstein is a mad genius when we sit down and do up a workout routine and nutrition. This was done by him, and the workout routine, I started with a basic routine he gave me and switch it up depending on concentrations at the time, weaknesses, and just to keep a variety. Writing this, I hope he doesn’t mind the changes I made above thus far this week… This blog my get me in trouble. Hope you guys enjoyed the read!


Wow, SORRY EVERYONE! I just realized I never came back on here to update the rest of my 4 day split. I suppose it is also time for a bit of an update since I am hitting a wall when it comes to the scale, but I will save that for later in this blog update, so stay tuned. SOOOOOO, the rest of the split. I left off on a Wednesday, which was my day off. Here is my Thursday and Friday hits as well:

Thursday Workout

Cable Crunch 4X10 Medium Rest
Leg Raises 4X10 Medium Rest
Twist Machine 3X15 each side Short Rest

T=Row/T-Row Machine 4X8 Long Rest
Rack Pull/Back Extension Machine 4X12 Medium Rest
Pull Downs 4X12 Medium Rest
(sometimes I do these last two with short rests as a superset)
Straight Arm Lat Pull Down 3X15 Short
Seated Cable Row 3X12 Short
Dumbbell Slow Shrugs 4X10 Medium
(sometimes I do Power Shrug Finishers on the smith Machine on the last two sets with a 4 second hold just to really get that burn)

Friday Workout


Yes, I do love me a leg workout. I find I can push my Legs, Bi’s, Tri’s and Back very hard, but need to work on those shoulders and chest. I digress. Back to legs.

Once a month I will start with Squats 4X10 Long Rest
Hamstring Curls 5X8 Medium Rest
Inner Thigh Machine (real name?) 3X12 Medium Rest (omitted on Squat day)
Glute Machine 3X15 Short Rest (omitted on Squat Day)
Leg Press. This is changed up throughout the month, here is my rotation
Squat Day, I do my feet close together with 4X12 Medium Rest
Twice a month, standard stance/wider stance 4X15 Medium Rest
Once a month, 10 reps till my 10 rep max and then drop set to fail.
Leg Extensions 3X15 Short Rest
Light Weight RDL 3X10 Medium Rest (omitted on Squat Day)
Standing Calf Raises 3X10 Medium Rest
Seated Calves 4X15 Short Rest

As with the other workouts, I do a 20 minute cardio session on the elliptical machine keeping my heart rate between 120-125BPM

Now back to my scale woes. For the last two weeks, I have been hovering between 215-216 on the scale. I have been at the Keto Diet for a little over 2 months I believe. I have been averaging 2lbs a week of loss, scale weight. Though the scale hasn’t gone down, I am noticing a difference in the mirror and my clothes are fitting a lot looser. A LOT looser isn’t an exaggeration. Clothes I have had sitting in my closet that were “target” clothes are fitting now and even a guy I haven’t seen in about a 8 months, mentioned I am looking a bit stacked. After laughing at this, I do see it in the mirror that more and more muscle definition is showing, so I am looking forward to the future. My chats with the amazing @robstein I believe we will be adjusting my cardio soon and reintroducing carbs. I am sure things like Indigo will start getting introduced back into my supplements to help with that Carb intake, but I will leave that up to the man with the plan. Thanks for following along everyone who is reading this and looking forward to seeing everyones progress!


How do you find your workouts, while in Keto?

I’m also in Keto, but can’t find the energy to do as many exercises as you. I get maybe 12-15 sets between 3 movements and I’m done.

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So, keto? This may not be the proper forum, but, how do you know you are ketogenic? Do you use ketostix or are we all just assuming we are in ketogenesis or are we all just trying to follow a keto diet?

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I’ve been in and out of Keto enough that I recognize how I feel.

You can use ketostix, I have them, but they aren’t as accurate as testing your bloood. The bloood tests are expensive though.

There’s a YouTube video Dr. Peter Atilla that is very interesting on the subject.

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K, ketostix, no bueno.

Got it.

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Thanks for reading! I do have to admit, Keto has not been the easiest thing in the world. I really have to make sure I get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, and I really need to be on top of my meal timing. If I don’t eat every 2.5-3 hours, I really get bogged down. With the Gym, I rearranged my meals so I have 4oz of chicken, 2 tbsp of Almond Butter and a veggie as my pre-workout meal. That little boost of carbs (the only carbs I get) helps in the gym. A little coffee doesn’t hurt on those lack of sleep days. The thoughts of Keto helping with the brain can have some clout. I do find myself being a bit more focused, and that focus really pushes me through the workout. I hope that helps you a bit. Thanks again for reading

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Quite the good point. For the most part, I stay strict (very strict) to a Keto diet, having 15g of carbs a day or less. It has worked out well and except for this past week, I have been dropping about 2lbs scale weight a week since I started. Definitely went through a bit of a Keto flu in the beginning, and though I tried the sticks, I read the same issues with the sticks as others will point out. Just keeping at it and seeing what goes. Thanks for reading and bringing up this good point.

So here is a little update for everyone. Though the scale weight hasn’t gone down much, I am down to 212lbs, but due to how clothes are fitting and comments from other people, I am definitely getting leaner. Took what may seem like a small step forward today, but actually feels like a large leap for my journey (see what I did there…). I finally went down to the thrift store and donated the three VERY large bags of clothes that have been sitting in my closet. These three bags:

They are filled with my XXL, XXXL and yes, even some XXXXL clothes. Tomorrow, I will be going through my current closet and weeding out the XL’s that are just way too baggy for me to wear anymore and stuffing them in a bad as well. As for nutrition and the current progress, my coach @robstein and I are now adding in some carbs to my nutrition to bring me out of Keto. I have been responding well to it these last two weeks, so looking forward to the future. I don’t know guys and gals, I am really feeling confident in my ability to really lean down by this summer. Take this as encouragement to push harder, because I am hitting this with a vengeance. I am lighter, stronger and leaner than I have ever been. Literally, scale weight wise, I am below where I was in middle school. Yup, you read that right, MIDDLE SCHOOL. talking to my mother, she says 6th grade i MIGHT have been this light, but she doesn’t think so. Crazy no??? For those like me who would be curious of my current numbers for nutrition, here is how it is working out:

Non Training Days
Fat- 84g
Carbs- 24g
Protein- 203g
Calories- 1985

Training Days
Fat- 79g
Carbs- 47g
Protein- 224g
Calories- 2105

Still running at a good calorie deficit as well as a decently high protein intake since I do push it hard in the gym every session. As a little teaser for the progress pics, here is a joking around picture I sent to my coach wearing a women’s shirt.

Not sure I like how it shows off my girlish hips…haha. ENJOY everyone and keep pushing!


Great progress!

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Nice work and incredible progress.

I always keep my xxxl (they have never fit me tight) so I can dress as a rapper for Halloween. haha

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Well this is long overdue. Here are two pics to show a 2 month progress since the original pics. You will see, they are the standard resting pics, but I definitely see a difference and hope it shows on here compared to the old ones. Currently down to 206, so scale weight is down by 10 from the original January posts. I am happy with that and even happier to see the weight continuing to drop. I am seeing a change in clothing and how it fits (second round of closet cleanout happening today on this lovely east coast snow day) and intensity along with weight has been going up in the gym, so gains galore! My coach @robstein also made more tweaks to my nutrition, adding in a bit more protein, less carbs, and we also dropped the overall caloric intake. Basically the numbers look as such:

Training Days

Protein- 220g
Fat- 55g
Carbs- 66g
Calories- 1980

Non Training Days

Protein- 200g
Fat- 61g
Carbs- 59g
Calories- 1910

Enjoy the pics!

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Woah man, great progress. Honestly speaking, you have quite solid quad and arm developement.
Keep it up!

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Wow, the end of the school year gets crazy with my job. Sorry for the delay guys and gals. I will confess, my gym time the last 3 weeks have been rough, which I think threw my diet off and I am not looking my best, but no excuses. This was a FUN experience, I look forward to continuing this blog anyway. I have really appreciated the feedback and I do look forward to this summer starting next week and getting on it again. It’s been a new life for me and though I am NOT looking good in these pics, and realizing I have A LOT of extra skin I need to take care of and hit up a plastic surgeon to take care of it. Also, checking out @robstein at his last show, it may take a few years, but I am going to make a run at being a body builder. Exciting times!! Anyway everyone, without further ado, here are my updated pics from today. Literally just now! Enjoy and though I am probably not in the running of the bragging rights, I will still brag about my progress and continue on this lifetime journey.

Wow, really didn’t want to post those, but hey, This is where I am at, and though I will announce, scale weight, i FINALLY got down below 200lbs which I haven’t been since I was in Elementary school…yup, you read that right, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! I got down to 198lbs, right before this pic I weighed in at 202lbs. It is what it is, and the journey continues. Congrats to all that took on this challenge and made some progress. From January to now, I came far and I will keep going! Thanks again for the support, LOVE this community!!


YOU ARE THE MAN! loved reading this


Wow, thank you SOOOO much! About to start a new Blog on here. Hoping you follow along. Thank you again for the kind words!!

Thanks! I will be starting up a new Blog today that is building on just that. Greatly appreciated and thank you for following along!

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