T-ransformation 2017: Flipcollar’s log

It’s funny: although I do not CrossFit, if I’m traveling for more than a day or two and want to find a gym to get at least one really good workout done, now I look for CF boxes first. As long as I can find a CF box with an “open gym” time, I’m golden. CF boxes are virtually guaranteed to a) have really nice bars and plates and b) not have trainers that look at you sideways for deadlifting heavy.


absolutely. It’s the easiest way to find good/unusual equipment, and you’re guaranteed to be able to squat and deadlift. Most are welcoming to traveling athletes as well. I just called the owner and said ‘hey, I’m training for a strongman comp and just need to get in 1 session. Here are my events. Whatcha got there?’ And he hooked me up. Basically just said ‘yea man, just stop by while we’re open, use whatever you want!’

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Feeling strong. Benched last night and hit 335 with no spotter for a single with a solid 5 second pause at the bottom. Also did a bunch of sets of 8 at 225. Then some ohp, some dips, some rows. Took some pictures. Weighing just under 200.


couple things:

I tried a max dl on Friday night. Hit 565, missed 585 at the knees twice. A little bummed about it, but I really shouldn’t be surprised. And 575 would have probably been good.

strongman training this week had its ups and downs. The positive was I got my axle press at competition weight for 8 reps, with more left in the tank. That’s right where I need to be I believe. If I can get around 12, I’ve got a shot at winning the event.

Frame carry was gross. dropped it after 30 feet because I got so unbalanced with it. But I think I know what to do to fix it. Will hopefully get one more opportunity to practice it before comp.


Logging a non-training session today, and hopefully I can remember this anytime I think a preworkout sounds like a good idea.

I had a busy, stressful day yesterday, and had planned a leg session for the evening. I wasn’t really up for it, and decided to use a preworkout (mr hyde). I used to use preworkouts regularly, like almost every session, and had built up a decent tolerance. I’m also very caffeine tolerant. But even so, I only took 1/4 scoop last night, since it’s been close to a year since I’ve used one.

By the time I got to my car, I was sweating, heart was racing, and I was nauseous. I sat in the drivers seat for a few minutes trying to decide what to do, then went back inside. Ate half a pizza. Laid on the couch for 2 hours. Eventually felt better. Did not make it to the gym.

Preworkouts are not for me. I don’t know why I didn’t throw that shit out already.


Sounds like me recently. Every time I’ve taken them I get nauseous and feel overly worked up for no reason. Used to take it nearly every session. I think it’s safe to say a fucking cup of coffee is plenty at this point.


Because we addicts hahahaha

First time I tried more than 1 scoop I hit a bench PR then had to go home with the same sweats and sick feeling, not fun.

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For the life of me I cannot figure out why people take preworkouts. I never see strong people doing it, mosy likely because they don’t want to feel like that while trying to balance 500lbs on their backs. Good on you to have this to look back on, haha.


I very, very rarely use PWO (once in six months maybe), but I’ll almost always have a coffee an hour or two before training.

had left groin pain in warm ups squatting yesterday. pretty severe. But I hadn’t squatted in weeks, so I said fuck it. Worked up to about the easiest 500 squat I’ve ever had. Also first time squatting that much without nose tork, lol. Wanted to drop the weight after that and do reps, but reps bothered the injury too much, so I just did quad extensions after. Boring, short session, but can’t be upset with my strength right now. That’s a big squat for me.


Every. Damn. Day.


Have you tried the less stim heavy PWO’s? I don’t like heavy stims unless I’m already hard in the workout and looking for a pick me up. I use one that’s more test boost for the first round and follow up with stims afterward for that very reason.

well, a test booster type thing would not benefit me whatsoever, as I use steroids. And I should clarify, I do drink plazma which is a pre/periworkout supplement that isn’t a stimulant. So I DO like that sort of product. I just don’t like certain stims.

also, thanks for commenting over here… I’ve been slacking on my logging.

It looks like I didn’t log my last show, so I’ll go over that briefly. I took 4th in dallas strongest man. I would have taken first if I had matched on axle what I had done in training. so that was a bummer. Really tight race.

So, I just came back from making weight at 198 for a strongman show tomorrow. This one is also in Dallas, Plano specifically. The events are as follows:

220 log press for reps. I did 7 in 30 seconds last week.
220 stone to shoulder. I’ve done 6 or 7 consistently in practice.
Max DL, deadlift bar with straps. I’ve hit 585 in the last month.
Keg max height. I’ve been inconsistent with my direction on my throws, but i worked some things out in the last week. I’ve cleared the highest setting in practice, so this should be a strong event if i can get my direction consistent for the show.
800 lbs tire flip for 60 feet. My gym got the actual competition tire in last week. I got 6 reps, no problem, relatively quickly. Since I actually practiced with the competition tire, this should be favorable.

I want to win, and believe I can. This show sets up SO well for me. It’s possible I"ll sweep all events, except maybe the log. There’s a guy cutting from 220, and if he makes the cut and doesn’t lose a lot of strenght, he has me on the log.


But but the integrity of the game…

Cries tears of test booster that doesn’t really boost test.

You’re a beast for 198.

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Do you take PWOs that contain Beta Alanine in them? That could be another thing that makes you feel that way probably. PWO brand that I drink gives me that static shock feeling in my core area and my limbs, but it does help me on max effort days, if I’ve rested well, and eaten enough. If I’m running on empty and attempt a max I still suck ass either way, and PWO does nada for me.

I’d have to look at the ingredients. I think I’ve taken products with beta alanine in the past without issue, but I’m not positive.

It’s probably worth noting that I do use Nose Tork regularly for max attempts, and that gives me WAY more of an adrenaline rush than any PWO would. 100x more effective.

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I’m gonna get right to it. I took my first Strongman competition win this weekend!!! And it as one hell of a battle, every rep and every second counted at the end. Here’s the complete rundown:

There were 5 guys in my class, with the 5th being a last minute entry. There was a guy who weighed 220 who decided the competition at that weight class was too strong, so he cut 20 lbs of water to go up against me. At the end of the day, I’m glad he did, as the other 3 competitors were not worthy competition. I would have won every event had this guy not made the cut. Instead, I took 2nd or 1st in each event.

I started off the day making a huge mistake. Fortunately, it didn’t cost me any points, but it was stupid as fuck. I FORGOT TO PUT MY BELT ON FOR THE LOG PRESS. So I cleaned the log (220), and pressed it once or twice before realizing I wasn’t wearing my belt. Got to 5 reps with 30 seconds left, and felt so gassed. I dropped the log, put on my belt, and tried to get one more rep, but I just didn’t have it in me. That being said, 5 reps was enough to put me in the lead with 1 competitor to go. He got 10 reps… so at the end of the day, my belt wasn’t gonna get me 5 more reps, and I still took 2nd by myself. So no harm done. But fuck. I can’t make those mistakes.

2nd event was the keg toss for height. Without going into a ton of detail, I was a stronger tosser, but I missed my 3rd attempt because my direction sucked. So I tied for 1st. I was pleased enough with this, because I’m really an inconsistent keg thrower. I’m strong on it, but I miss direction regularly, about 1 in 4 tosses.

3rd event was deadlift, with bar weight going up by 30 lbs jumps. Everyone opened at 500. A couple guys only got that much, a couple more got 535. I opened at 535, and was the only one to hit 565. If I had known the TX state record was 595, I probably would have taken my 3rd attempt and tied it, since 565 flew up, but not a big deal. I won that event by myself, and my competitor took a tie for 2nd, putting me ahead overall by half a point.

4th event was tire flip. Unfortunately, the guy running the show got our point totals mixed up, and had me go 4th and him go 5th, even though I was ahead. Which meant he got to see how I handled the tire. This ended up being a big deal, as he beat my by less than half a second. I also wasted a full 2 or 3 seconds finding my grip on the second flip. I just couldn’t find the tread with my hand, lol. So that put me down by half a point going into stones.

The stone event was a 220 lbs stone to shoulder. I set the mark to beat at 8 reps in a minute. I narrowly missed my 8th rep, lost it at the top, but recovered and got my 9th attempt, for 8 good reps. So my competitor just needed to tie me in the event to win overall. He got to 7 reps with 10 seconds left, and he had great speed with each rep. My heart was sinking. Then on the 8th rep, he did exactly what I did on my 8th, just losing the stone at the top. He dropped the stone, and time was called. And I won. Couldn’t fucking believe it.

So that was my day. It was a good one. Qualifies me for nationals in USS.


Congratulations! Sounds like you have a great time!

Well done! So do you have to win at nationals for a “pro” card?

I think that’s how it works. That’s not exactly on my radar, lol

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