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T-ransformation 2017: doeybub's Log



Hello all, been lifting on and off for a few years, but biggest thing for me is my yo-yo dieting therefore I thought it would be good for me to get myself on here and get my ass kicked in the name of progress. Usually float around 18 stone, but currently up at 19 4 (272 lbs/123 kgs). Had knee reconstruction in 2008 which causes ongoing issues, but I am working through it; also have a bit of a messed up shoulder, but again, going through the rehab process to stabilise the joint and build the muscles.


  • Swimming the great north swim (5km) on 9th June. Hit 1hr 21mins last year and want to beat my brother (1:18:50)
  • Weight loss - not really sure of my target here, but initially looking to get down to 16 4 (228 lbs/103 kgs) by the end of the transformation log. I was at 14 7 back in 2012, but that was through just cycling and I didn’t have much/any muscle
  • With regards to strength, I’d like to get to a 450 trap bar deadlift, 330 squat. Currently 400 and 275 respectively

January (currently have no work) - 1x metabolic, 1x strength workout; 6 days per week. Diet will be based on leveling/lowering blood sugar (i.e. eat clean whole foods, lowish starchy/sugary carbs except morning and around workouts). Looking to get roughly 40% protein
February - June - based on everyone’s love for it on the forum, likely to be 5/3/1 for beginners, but I need to read up on it a bit further; introducing swimming sessions 1-2x/week, peaking at 3/week. Diet likely to be kept as per the above until I stall, at which point I will re-evaluate.

Current measurements:
Weight - 272 (Dec 31st)
Waist - 42 (all taken on 4/1)
Hips - 45.5
Thighs - 28, 28
Chest - 49
Biceps - 15.5, 15
Neck - 17


Gym closed. This apparently stumped me, so walked for 45 mins and stretched in the evening

Walked for 1 hour, gym session was:
A1 - Single leg RDL landmine 88 (each side) 15, 20, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25 (kgs)
A2 - Kettlebell press 8
8 (each side) 16
B1 - Bodyweight extensions 210
B2 - RKC plank 2


Walked for 1 hour, gym session:
Assisted pull-up, 65kgs8, 553, 453, 403, 353, 303, 303, 303, 353, 353, 403 (band pull-aparts during rest period)
Barbell row, underhand, 50kgs
74 sets
C1 - DB high pull 15, 10, 5 (each side). 20kgs
C2 - Overhead barbell shrug (after each arm i.e. 6 sets) 25kgs

Weight down to 119kg. Gotta love that water weight!

A1 - DB incline bench. 17.55, 22.55, 253, 27.53, 303, 303, 303, 303, 303, 303, 303, 303
A2 - Bent over reverse fly. 5kgs109 sets
B1 - Bent over cable crossover. 6.25kgs8, 7.5kgs12, 7.5kgs12, 7.5kgs12
B2 - Single arm kettlebell shoulder press. 16kgs83 sets
C1 - BB shoulder press 305
C2 - BB push press 30
C3 - BB balance jerk 30*5 (also added in some internal/external rotations between sets)
The ‘C’ circuit was a pretty damn good finisher! As I got into the jerk reps, the barbell was dropping further down my chest as my shoulders gave way, giving me a pretty damn good loaded stretch!

05/01 PM:
Felt in reasonable shape in the afternoon so went back to the gym for a quick session. Haven’t done barbell squats in a while so thought I should get used to doing them again.
Barbell squat. 408, 605, 805, 905, 905, 905, 905, 905.
Followed this with some barbell stands at 110kgs. Felt heavy on the first one, but by the third it felt pretty reasonable, so expect weights to jump back up relatively quickly
Followed this with some death marches with 16kgs kettlebells. Did 2*10 steps (/side) with loaded carries for active recovery.


Good stuff getting involved, sounds like you have a plan and I’m sure if you stick to it you will see some great progress.

Good luck


LOL it took me like 7 minutes of staring to figure out what was going on with the mirrors in your pics.

They are full length with an edging going through the center right?

And in for PROGRESS!!!


Correct! Although I can’t imagine it’s particularly enjoyable to be staring at those pics for 7 minutes!

One of the good things about being a fattie is the instant weight loss. Myfitnesspal has already warned me I ‘might be losing weight too quickly’. Funnily enough, it didn’t have an issue when I was stuffing my face…


Cheers, I appreciate the comments. Really looking to get into the swing of things on diet and exercise in the next month so that I can hit it hard on the diet front later on without burning out/giving up.


A1 Assisted pullup. 658, 555, 504, 454, 404, 404, 404, 454, 454
A2 single arm angled lat pull. 6.25
6, 7.566 sets
Dumbbell row. 258, 27.583 sets
C1 Face pull. 5
10, 6.2510, 7.5102
C2 Cable internal rotation. 1.25
103 sets
C3 Cable external rotation. 1.25
103 sets
C4 cable upright row. 10
72 sets, 6.2512

Push press. 5 reps/set. 20, 40, 50, 50, 55, 55, 60 (split into 3 and 2 reps)
B1 Incline flies. 58, 105. 12.556 sets
B2 Incline crush grip dumbbell press. 12.586 sets
C1 Yoga press up. 5 reps3 sets
C2 RKC plank. 10 secs
3 sets

Power clean: 40, 50, 60, 60, 70, 70, 70, 80, 607(singles)
Speed deadlift (alternating narrow and mid stance). 80
3*4 sets
Walked for an hour

Food tracking is going reasonably well, but struggling to get enough protein in (getting about 130 - 170/day). Have started adding a protein shake in about 30 mins before workouts.


Best of luck man, will be following along!


Cheers, I appreciate the support!


Front squats. 2010, 405, 601, 603, 701, 703, 751, 753, 801, 803, 851
Followed with 3 sets of 10 sec front squat stand ups at 105kg.
Standing calf raises with 25kg (weight on belt) long pause at bottom (~6 secs). 12, 8
Death march. 12kg


Just a quick workout today, so decided to go heavy.
Trap bar deadlift. 335, 738, 1035, 1234, 1433, 1532…1731 (somehow forgot the poundages in the middle, but did 3-4 singles to get to 173)
B1 Bodyweight extensions 10
3 sets
B2 RKC plank 10 secs23 sets
B3 Y scap extensions 10*3 sets
Followed this with 40 mins walking.

Food has been going well - slowly building up protein levels. I did have some sweets last night, but happy not to carry it through into today.


One thing I did notice is that I had much more weight through my left leg than my right. I think this is a bit of a knock on effect from an old injury to my right knee and a resultant tightening of the hip. That’ll teach me not to be mobilising it more regularly. I noticed that when I was doing sing leg landmine RDLs that I got a lot more flexibility, so I’ll probably try to add it as a pre-mobilisation activity next time I do deads.