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T-ransformation 2017: Colucci's Log

Revamped training, bumping up to 4 training days per week. Upper/lower split, also known as back (rows)/chest/biceps, legs, back (pulldowns)/shoulders/arms, legs. The additional training day increases weekly activity, including more cardio. Should improve fat loss in general before needing to tweak nutrition more.

A) Seated cable row 2x15-20

B1) Deadstop dip 4xX (11,11,9,7)
B2) 1-arm DY row 4x6-10

C1) Flat barbell bench 4x8-12
C2) Face pull 4x10-15

D) Pec-deck 1 1/2 reps (extra peak contraction) 3xX (10,8,7)

E) Wide neutral Hammer Strength row 3xX (15,11,9)

F1) Alt. hammer curl 3x6-8
F2) High incline curl 3xX (15,8,8)

G1) Lying leg arc 4x20
G2) Max incline treadmill 3x5min.

I trained in the afternoon then went back at night to train my lady. While we were there, I saw a dude who could very likely be an IFBB pro incline bench 405x11. I’m counting that as a spectator PR, as I’ve never seen something like that in real life. Ridiculous and awesome. Reason #19 why I love my gym.


Good to hear it worked and mostly that you’re better.

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Just wanted to post this because it’s bananas. The local forecast for my area. Almost 60 today, but expecting 6-10 inches of snow tonight and all day tomorrow. Go home, Mother Nature. You’re drunk.

Planned on resting today, but will go hit upper body later so I don’t have to trek in the snow tomorrow.


Yesterday’s workout:

A) Front squat 5x4-6

B) Leg press 3x25-30 (This was a mistake. Killed me. Should’ve been last exercise of the day)

C) RDL 4x8-12

D1) Hanging knee raise 4x15-20
D2) Max incline treadmill 3x5min.

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Basically what happened in Pittsburgh last 2 days as well. I walked home and broke a sweat two days ago because it was 60 degrees at 6 PM. Last night we got 6 inches of snow. By the weekend it’s supposed to be back into the 50’s.


Any chance you’re around for next Sunday? I bumped the meetup thread the other week.


[quote=“ActivitiesGuy, post:26, topic:225145”]
it was 60 degrees at 6 PM[/quote]
Ha, right? Last night it was still in the high 40s and clear skies around 7 last night. I was like, “Well, maybe they got it wrong?” But they didn’t…

A few days ago vs. a few minutes ago. (That’s my 20+ year old Cap barbell that sits out in the yard all the time.)


Wednesday’s food:

  1. Coffee with stevia; 4 eggs in coconut oil, 2 handfuls Normandy veg, 1 1/2 cups white rice

  2. Can of water-packed tuna, 1Tbsp mayo, 1 stalk celery, couple dashes turmeric, black pepper, garlic salt

3a pre-pre) Indigo-3G
3b pre) 1 scoop Plazma, 5g creatine
3c during) 1 scoop Plazma

  1. 4 soft corn tortillas, about 1 1/2 cups ground beef, salsa, 2Tbsp sour cream (taco night)

  2. 2 scoops Mag-10

I am around and plan on showing if it’s at Synergy again, was just lurking to see what happened.

Did you shovel yet? It’s brutal.


Wednesday’s training:

A1) Clean and press 5x5,4,3,2,1
A2) Neutral-grip chin 5xX (7,7,5,5,4)

B1) Reverse-grip pulldown 4x8-12
B2) Lateral raise 4x10-15 (1-count pause at top)

C1) Kneeling J-rope pulldown 3xX (20,15,12)
C2) Kneeling 45-degree rope pull 3xX (15,10,10) 30 seconds rest

D) Machine Shoulder Press 3xX (20,15,11) 30 seconds rest

E1) Zottman curl 3x10-12
E2) Overhead extension 3x10-15

F1) Side crunch 4x15-20
F2) Max incline treadmill 3x5min.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretending to be Synergy during that last back superset (C1/C2).

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Cool, man.

Ha, no shoveling yet. I’m letting it quiet down a bit and figured I’d get a pot of soup started so it’s ready when I’m done. But of course I already made a path for the dog in the backyard, so that’s something.

I did about 45 minutes, heart rate up to 136. Today was supposed to be shoulders and tris but turned out to be back on the snow, lol.

I teach HS, first class at 7:21 AM. . . pretty sure that ain’t gonna happen

Little bit to catch up on. Shoveled for about an hour total that night (Thursday). That was a very “functional” way to get in the ab work+cardio combo, whatwith a couple hundred snow-loaded scoop and twists.

Friday’s morning weight: 210.6.

Friday’s Workout, at home because it was still nasty walking outside:

A1) Reverse lunge 4x10-12
A2) Single-leg RDL 4x8-10

B1) King deadlift 4x5-8
B2) Glute bridge 4xX (15,13,12,12)

C1) Reverse crunch 4x15-20
C2) Bike 3x5min.

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Saturday, I was a Darwin award recipient. I took a cast iron pan out of a 450-degree oven, forgot to use a glove. Sometimes, I’m not very bright.

Going to be an interesting training week working around this. Already figuring I’ll “open palm” any pressing and figure something out for back work.


Monday, had to run into the city. Missed the gym but had two quick-paced 40-minute walks in the city, to and from the train.

Monday’s food:

  1. Coffee with stevia; protein pancakes (2 scoops Metabolic Drive, 2 eggs, 1Tbsp ground flax, 1Tbsp Bisquick mix, 1tsp cinnamon, splash of whole milk, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 banana, 1/2 diced apple)

2a) Indigo-3G
2b) Grabbed Chinese: pint of hot and sour soup; about 1 cup diced boneless ribs; pint of “hot and spicy diced chicken” (green peppers, carrots, celery, chicken [thigh??], peanuts); fortune cookie; can of caffeine-free Diet Coke.

  1. 2 scoops Mag-10, 5g creatine.

Tuesday’s morning weight: 211.4.

Will head up to the gym later today.

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Pretty much. To be fair, I should’ve said “I tried to take a cast iron pan out of a 450-degree oven.”

I opened the oven door, started reaching for the pan, and had a whole conversation in my head. “Wait, what are you doing?” [reaches further in] “No, don’t do that.” [wraps fingers around pan handle] “Dude, what the fucking fuck?” [sees Ove-Glove on the counter, waits for pain to register] “Well at this point, you know we kinda deserve it, dummy.” [release grip, yell, curse, stomp] I didn’t actually get the pan out of the oven.

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Lucky you didn’t get it half way out and spill the contents on other body parts. :scream:

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Been on track, just haven’t had a chance to update. This story gives me a great reason to post… Hit the gym yesterday, went into the boxing area they have setup right next to the weight room to do my mobility warm-up as usual.

As I walk in, there’s a 6 or 7-year old kid playing with some foam rollers, no other adults in the room but a group of 4 guys are in the squat rack closest the boxing room’s doorway, so I figure he’s with them. No big deal. Then he bops me with a foam roller.

Me: “That wasn’t nice.”

Kid: “You’re it now. We’re gonna play hide and seek.”

Me: “Sorry man, I’m in a little hurry. I can’t.”

Kid: “One round, please. I’ll hide and you find me. Count to 10.””

Me: “ Okay, fine.” [counts to 10, finds him in two seconds hiding under the ring apron.]

Kid: “One more round. Count from zero to 20 this time.”

Me: “Last round, really. Anyway, who are you?”

Kid: “I’m Achilles. I’m Big Baby’s son.”

Me: [has no idea who or what Big Baby is] “Neat. I’m Chris. Okay, go. 1, 2, 3…”


Me: “0, 1, 2, 3…” [counts to 20. Looks around, seems like he left the boxing area and went into the gym. Game over, begin leg day.]

20 minutes later, during leg curls, he comes over while eating a cookie and starts climbing on the nearby equipment. Buddy of mine happens over, starts talking to him.

Buddy: “Hey little man, how’s the champ doing today? He here training?” [kid nods, eats more cookie, wanders off.]

Me: “So, who’s his dad?”

Buddy: “You don’t know Big Baby? Jarrell. Number 3 ranked heavyweight in the world. Knocks guys out cold, man. Real monster but he’s a real nice guy. He’s like 275 right now.”

Kid comes back, plays on more equipment. I have to stop mid-set to avoid kicking him when I curl. Two guys walk over.

Buddy: “Big Baby, man, what’s happening?”

Big Baby: “Achilles, leave that man alone while he’s working out.”

Me: “No worries. We already played hide and seek to warm-up.”

Big Baby laughs, takes Achilles and leaves. I finish training. Soon as I get home, of course I look up Big Baby:

Turns out he is ranked #3 in the WBO Heavyweight division. He also did some kickboxing a few years ago, including going the distance in two fights against CroCop. Glad I at least made him laugh, so we’re basically best friends now.