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T-ransformation 2017: Benanything's Log

Well shit, you’d think I would be way better at doing this whole training log thing considering the fact that I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years but damnit, the first post is still kinda hard to write so I’ll probably just edit and fill this space up later.

To everyone who has stumbled upon this and wondering the heck is this. This will be my training log entry of sorts for the next 6 months or so since I’m participating in the…

Do have a look and join on in, I highly encourage everyone to join. What’s not to like about making progress and having people to share it with and improve alongside.

My original training log can be found at

Apparently taking pictures is harder than I thought, still trying to find a good place to take them.


Pictures taken at 12:55AM on 1/1/2017, bodyweight as of picture is 75.2kgs

I’m pretty sure the photos are about as unflattering as they can get, I look like I just committed a felony or something. That and the lighting is kinda bad, on the bright side, this is pretty damn harsh. I look like crap. I don’t even look like I lift, time to fix that. I’ll probably list my plan for the upcoming months in the next post.

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Good on ya for starting. I live and work in places that do not have overhead lighting. All the lighting comes from directly in front which washes me out completely. Talk about unflattering pictures. When I get away to Starbucks or such, and I decide to take the opportunity to take my shirt off and see what I look like, I much more pleased with what I see looking back at me. So, yeah, I know where you’re coming from with the difficulty in getting a good photo.

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Man, I’m guessing you probably spend quite a good amount of time at starbucks considering it’s your profile picture too.

Will you be joining in on the challenge?

Hahaha… I didn’t even realize that. Funny. I’ve not read the post or the subsequent replies. I’ll look into it. I’m always looking to improve, as we all are. If I could only nail down a spot where I could take decent photos because I’m not going to put garbage out there…

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Great job starting your log. Looking foward to see your progress.

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Lets see, the current course of action would be…

Clean up my diet
No more candies and sodas and I’ll probably cut out fried food eventually. I would like to completely cut out carb sources such as rice and such, I’ve done so with great success but it was absolutely brutal considering the fact that it’s retarded inconvenient since the everyday food in Singapore is pretty much 60-70% carbs. I’ll probably do the whole no rice/noodles/carbs shtick when I’m coming closer to the end of the challenge.

Eat sufficient amounts of protein
Luckily for me, I bought retarded cheap protein from a reputable brand(not Biotest though) and that should help greatly. I’m thinking maybe a 1g to 1.2g per lb of bodyweight.

Get back on MyFitnessPal
and again, used it to great success but it was a bit of a pain in the ass after I stopped having concrete goals(was cutting weight for strongman comps).

Drink enough water
just drink more water, duh.

Tentatively the rough plan would be…

January 1st to March 15th, eat at a maintenance or maybe even a slight surplus.

March 15th to May 31st, start cutting calories/carbs gradually.

Submission on June 1st.

Will be doing the Shredded in 6 Days things before the last day.

Everything sounds easy enough, lets hope I can get this shit to work.

I’ll be logging my daily food on here cause… It’s a constant reminder I guess. As for training, I’ll be adding in more hypertrophy work to the best of my abilities, semi busted up wrist of sorts now but I’m working on it. My training will still be primarily performance based but eh, being strong means you’ll look strong right?

Oh and more basic details cause it’s easier than going through my previous training log.

Current age is 19.
I’ve no idea what my maxes are cause I’ve been pretty physically broken as of late. At least for a 19 year old.
Height is 1.73-1.75m, spinal compression literally takes an inch off me.


woke up at 73.5kgs

1:50AM - 2 scoops of protein
3:30PM - rice with chicken/tofu/egg/veggies
5:40PM - 2 scoops of protein
7:40PM - chicken rice with extra meat
11:30PM - 2 sccops of protein

2500-ish calories at 190-ish grams of protein

Day 1 so far so… Okay. Nothing horrible so far

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woke up at 73.4kgs

2:00PM - rice with chicken/beef/pork/tofu
4:00PM - 2 scoops of protein
5:45PM - 100g of greek yogurt
8:00PM - rice with chicken/chicken/potato/egg
10:15PM - 2 scoops of protein

2500-ish calories at 180-ish grams of protein

woke up at 73.6kgs

9:15AM - 2 scoops of protein
12:00PM - rice with chicken/chicken/beef/veggies and coke zero
4:00PM - 2 scoops of protein
8:00PM - rice with chicken/chicken/hot dog/veggies
8:40PM - 2 scoops of protein
10:30PM - yakult

2850-ish calories at 200-ish grams of protein

entered gym at 6:15PM

20kgs x3
85kgs x4x9

well gym was hella crowded and for some weird reason I decided that was a good idea to not warm up, kinda regret it a lil after but whatever

Dumbbell Hammer Curls
7.5kgs x5x10
taking things easy on the wrist

Band Pull Downs
100 reps

Reverse Grip Band Pull Downs
50 reps

did like 6 reps of lat pull downs but I had to share with 7 other people so I was like fuck it, I’ll pass.

Close Grip Bench
20kgs x10
40kgs x4x10
45kgs x10

Everything is going well so far, granted it’s only been 3 days. Diet isn’t exactly clean clean but it definitely ain’t as bad as what I would usually eat. When I do start my cut, I’ll probably just stop dropping carbs gradually to the point of completely eliminating carb sources such as rice/noodles/etc. Vegetables are still good though.

Somewhat surprised at the bump in calories consumption on a training day considering the fact that I’m not exactly pushing myself particularly hard nowadays considering I have a busted up wrist. No wonder there was a period of time where I ate 4000 calories a day and got even leaner.

The furnace is starting, no stopping it now.


woke up at 73.9kgs

12:30PM - rice with chicken/beef/tofu/potato
4:55PM - 2 scoops of protein
6:00PM - coke zero
7:40PM - 3 mcdoubles with no buns
8:30PM - 2 scoops of protein
11:30PM - 200g of greek yogurt

2500-ish calories at 190-ish grams of protein

entered gym at 6:20PM

20kgs x3
60kgs x3
90kgs x8, should’ve been 7
90kgs x3x7
decided to belt up since I’ve yet to use my new belt
90kgs x7

Did some shoulder rehab type stuff and called it a day

decided to snap some pics cause eh, why not

call me crazy but I actually look a tad bit better in the front pic. maybe it’s the lighting or maybe(probably not) it’s me cutting out some of the junk from my diet, who knows?


You have a nice thick back.I’m excited to see how it’ll come along after a few weeks of dieting


Thanks! Or maybe I’ve a bad thin front so it looks better in comparison. It’s funny cause I’m not actually dieting at the moment, just cleaning up my food intake of sorts. The real dieting starts mid April. I’m really envisioning getting down to 9%-ish bodyfat by the end of the comp.


woke up at 73.9kgs

10:30AM - 3 scoops of protein
2:30PM - rice with chicken/beef/tofu
5:00PM - 3 scoops of protein
6:30PM - katsu curry don with extra chicken
10:30PM - 150g of greek yogurt

3000-ish calories at 220-ish grams of protein

entered gym at 11:15AM

Close Grip Bench Press
40kgs x3x10
45kgs x2x10

Hammer Curls 7.5kgs
superset with
Tricep Rope Pulldowns 60lbs

Seated Cable Row
130lbs x2x10
stack x10

Hammer Curls
5kgs x10, slow and controlled
12kgs x7, uncontrolled and ugly

left to help out at some carnival thing where the tyre flip was on display so I did a bunch of singles and demonstration reps

Tyre Flips
200kgs x10 in 58 seconds, had to run over to the other side of the tyre due to space constraints, made for one hell of a mini conditioning session


Not to nag you, but it’s not a good idea to do any conditioning on smolov. No need to go overboard on the work, enjoy your one easy weak before hell starts.

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woke up at 73.9kgs

10:45AM - 185g of greek yogurt
1:55PM - 3 scoops of protein
5:45PM - black pepper beef rice with added egg/beef
8:45PM 200-250-ish grams of sirloin steak with corn/potato slices and focaccia
10:15PM - 130g of greek yogurt

2500-ish calories at 260-ish grams of protein

entered gym at 11:50AM

20kgs x3
60kgs x3
80kgs x2
95kgs x5x5
added belt
95kgs x2x5

Barbell Rows
60kgs x5, fairly strict
cheat starts coming in
80kgs x5
100kgs x3
100kgs x3 with belt
used straps for all of them

Hammer Curls
10kgs x4x10, 60 sec rest
got pretty ugly by set 4

Tricep Rope Pushdowns
70lbs x2x15
80lbs x10
90lbs x10
100lbs x10, ugly looking
60lbs x12

Incline Bench Hammer Curl
5kgs x2x10
slow and controlled

left the gym at 1:25PM

woke up at 73.3kgs

12:45PM - rice with chicken/pork/potato/egg
2:30PM - 3 scoops of protein
5:20PM - red bull
8:00PM - 3 scoops of protein
10:30PM - 2 packets of instant noodles with 3 eggs

2700-ish calories at 190-ish grams of protein

entered gym at 2:30PM

20kgs x3
60kgs x3
80kgs x2
102.5kgs x7x3
added belt
102.5kgs x3x3

left at 3:45PM

entered gym again at 7:45PM

Close Grip Bench Press
20kgs x10
40kgs x2x10
45kgs x3x10

Hammer Curls
reverse 30s, top half rom 10, bottom half rom 10, full rom 10
5kgs x3x10

Tricep Rope Pushdowns
70lbs x5x10

Hammer Curl
reverse 30s
2.5kgs x2x10

Band Row

left at 8:30PM

1 week in already and here’s how things look currently


##Journal Entry
So far so good I guess. Well, it IS one week in so… Currently averaging 2650-ish calories a day in this 7 days. Bodyweight averaged around 73.6kgs, highest at 74kgs and lowest at 73.3kgs. Will be upping the calories to 300 calories a day for the next week or two to see how ti goes. Have been adding in a lot of arm work and somewhat neglecting pressing cause I can’t really find a rack to press out of, I’ll have to clean every rep from the ground and i’d prefer for to for “wrist safety” reasons. Benching really really light too. I feel better though so that’s good. Hopefully by the end of this caloric surplus session of sorts, I’ll put on some mass at my lagging areas. I think I’ll end up being around 77/78kgs by the end of this.