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T Raising Question

My doctor gave me a script for Androgel. I’m 35 and my T is 450 on the low end of the normal range. I’m not interested in taking this stuff. I’m actually scared of it.

Do any of you have experience with taking the

Alpha Male + Rez-V + HOT-ROX products?

I’m wanting to try something for 12 weeks and then get blood work done again.

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The whole point of those supplements is to increase T and control E, the same objectives of TRT if done right.

450 is not low by TRT standards. If the androgel is effective it will shutdown your HPTA and might produce T levels near where you are now. And if E2 is not controlled, you could feel worse. The outcome depends on how much androgel was prescribed. 5gr/day may not make you any better. And some simply do not respond to transdermals at all.

There is a need to do TRT right and TRT without E2 control is often the road to poor results.

At your age, you do not want shrinking testicles and a real risk of infertility. To avoid that, you would need to inject 250iu hCG SC EOD. Applying a transdermal T product to avoid injections, then injecting hCG to save you testicles is silly. To do TRT and keep your testes healthy, you need to inject hCG and then injecting testosterone makes more sense than a transdermal.

I am not trying to drive your decision either way. You need to understand that you need T+AI+hCG if you do TRT at all.

You can try the supplements and use them as long as you feel that they are of benefit. Meanwhile, you can keep reading and understanding the issues, and start getting aware of what doctors in your area might be able to do TRT right.

And of note, most TRT docs will not start you on TRT at TT=450 unless your FT is very low or you have some strong symptoms of T level problems.

I have a question: How long can a person use 250iu of HCG, b/c I’ve heard that it can cause FSH/LH insensitivity after either huge dosages (5000 iu) or long dosages? Thanks.

450 at age 35. and your doc is suggesting trt?
thats odd.

hell i was 434 at 27. and 290 at 31. i have had poor t-levels

if you do go through with the Biotest supps and get bloodwork please post…please pm me the test results after.


much of what you said was over my head, I was just introduced to this subject a couple days ago.

I’m getting the tests done again in 3 months mainly because I have high cholesterol and my doc is more concerned about that than my low energy levels.

Oh yeah the doctor wanted me to try 5 mg patch for 2 weeks and then up it to 10 MG.

I’m thinking I’ll be better off just waiting and seeing what happens in the next few months.

Do you recommend any other protocols that would help build T naturally? I’ve read some neat things at poliquin’s website that another T-Nation member pointed me to.

[quote]walleye49 wrote:
I’m thinking I’ll be better off just waiting and seeing what happens in the next few months.[/quote]

It’s your life and your body so you should do what you think is best for you. Your doctor doesn’t own your health and what you take or don’t take is your decision, not his.

Your doctor should be willing to take the time to discuss this situation with you in depth. If you start monkeying around with your hormones without KNOWING exactly what’s going on, then you’re a fool.

There is plenty of information around on “natural” testosterone builders. For guys with real problems, the natural methods are ineffective. If you have some sort of borderline issue, they may help or may not and you won’t know until you try. If you’re carrying extra fat, just losing it will be a help as fat produces estrogen.

If you can make lifestyle changes that will help, you should do all of that first and forever. Then look at medical intervention but do it from a point of knowledge. Spend a few months doing research and then you’ll have a knowledge base that will help you to understand your situation and deal with your doctors.

Thanks for the help KSMan and happy,

Here’s what I decided on. And I would like opinions here as well.

2 days ago I took some out of date Alpha Male old formula. Since it was out of date I took the max dosage 3 pills and 3 pills.

I also had an old bottle of HOT-ROX and I took 1 pill of that. I’m very sensitive to the HOT-ROX so 1 pill a day at around noon leaves little side effects. Any more than that and I get tired.

Anyhow, I responded to the Alpha Male in regards to morning energy, afternoon energy, and morning libido. I’m excited about that. Unfortunately, I don’t respond if I take less than the max dosage, maybe because the stuff is old.

I’ve also been on a cortisol protocol as well but that hasn’t been helping as dramatically as the Alpha Male.

So if I’m responding to the Alpha Male that might be all I need for now. I’ll take my remaining old supply and then I’ll order some more.

Any thoughts on REZ-V? Should I begin taking that or don’t I need it at this point?