T.R. Goodman/pro camp

Here’s a question for all you hockey fans. Does anyone have relatively comprehensive knowlege of the methods used by T.R. Goodman? His clients include Chelios, Blake and Glen Murray and I know he uses a long sustained type of circuit training immediately pre season. I am looking for specific exercises, work/rest intervals etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the heads up on this guy! I’m not sure about doing plyos for an hour, but there really wasn’t any detail in the article, so it’s hard to say…

Are you asking for his pre-season routine?

I know his methods sound strange. One of the main reasons I’m posing this question is exactly because his philosophy(from what little I’ve seen) is so different from almost everyone else’s. However, his players swear by his style and there are some pretty big names who log heavy ice time. I want to find out a little more about what they do and see if I can take anything from it.