T Propionate & Bloodwork

I’ve been taking 17mg of T propionate daily.

I’m attempting to transition from UGL to prescription. I have an order in for bloodwork from my GP.

I was planning to have the blood drawn after 4 days of no injections. I’ve only been using propionate for at least one month.

Will 4 days without my regular injection be enough time to reflect low numbers?

I am assuming you would like to have low levels when you see the doctor? How do you look? Do you look like you’re on testosterone? What labs were ordered? Did your doctor order FSH and LH? If so, they’ll be very low and it will be obvious you were on steroids or testosterone. Otherwise, I would wait a couple of weeks.

No I’d give it 7 days. Answer the questions from high Above.

Be honest with your doctor or find another that will understand. I would of just told him. I’m all the doctor told me no even though I was low. So I got ugl and now I found you. Show him labs pre TRT and that should be sufficient. I guess it depends where you live as well.

Thanks guys.
I look pretty fit but he’s the one that suggested testing testosterone after I mentioned some symptoms.
Bloodwork does not include FSH or LH.
And yes, I’d like my testosterone levels to test low so I can have run through insurance.
I’ve tested low once before by a previous doctor who told me I was fine. I then went UGL.

I didn’t plan the best time for a hormonal crash…
I feel like it’s messing with my immune system.
I don’t want to go without for any more days than the bare minimum.
Also I have some reasons to not reveal that I went UGL. But yes, that could make it so much easier.

OK, never a good time for a hormonal crash. I understand not wanting underground drug use in your formal medical record. FSH and LH would be a dead giveaway for taking something, so it’s good that it is not being checked.

Try some drinking the night before, miss some sleep, maybe a heavy workout the day prior, etc. Some here may be able to help with their experiences doing this. I have a patient who told me he took his wife’s BC pills to get insurance coverage. He was with another hormone practice at the time. When they stopped taking insurance he switched to us. I don’t know, it’s cheap enough that I think I would just go with paying for proper TRT, rather than be handcuffed by insurance dictates.

Good luck.

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Thanks @highpull. I think you are probably right. I may go the private route if I’m required to jump through too many hoops.

Here’s a plot of the calculated T release per day from the T-Prop ester. I modeled the plot with the information you provided of 17mg T-prop daily for 4 weeks and then nothing. The last peak is 33.5mg being released. The following is the progression of the decay curve on a daily basis:
1 Day = 14.08
2 Days = 5.92
3 Days = 2.49
4 Days = 1.04
5 Days = 0.43
6 Days = 0.18
7 Days = 0.07
8 Days = 0.02
9 Days = 0
Hope this helps with your planning.

Thanks for sharing this.
Maybe I’m mistaken, but it appears to me the graph shows less than ~2mg remaining 4 days after the last injection.
#27 being the last injection and #31 representing 4 days without.

where do you find this graph. I’ve tried googling it but steroidcalc isn’t showing up and says website doesn’t exist anymore. Wanted to demonstrate to another poster who is on 100mg every 2 weeks how his levels would be with that dosage.

There’s a new web link: https://www.steroidplotter.com/.

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@youthful55guy did you see my comment above about #31 being day 4? Am I reading the graph incorrectly?

You are not mistaken! i misread the withdrawal side of the graph. I’ll look at it later after work and correct my earlier post.

Oh no worries. Thanks for the clarification. I thought I was off…
I had the blood drawn yesterday, which was 4 days after my last injection.
I’ll report back once I get the results.

Testosterone Propionate must be injected daily. You will show castration testosterone levels by the 48 hour mark.

This guy takes 100mg testosterone propionate every three and a half days. This blood was taken on the morning of an injection day, prior to it.

Test IMG_168568670


Wow! That goes against what I read about propionate’s half life and the graph…
Is that a common thing to see or possibly this guy clears it slower?

Individual differences. Can’t say I have a large sample of guys using propionate. Some of the bodybuilder guys switch to propionate approaching contests. They usually cut the dose and aren’t that concerned with levels. Since they are going back to the other esters anyway we don’t get blood tests. This guy, however, is not one of them.

Regardless, it’s a mistake to put everyone in the same box regarding TRT. While most get similar results on similar protocols, there are no absolutes.

See my edited post. Sorry for the earlier misinformation. I did it in the middle of a teleconference. I’m not that great at multitasking!

He is an outlier for sure. Or, he is off on the injection timing. Most will show castration test levels by the 48 hour mark. It needs to be done daily.