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T-Prop, T-Ace Body Recomp Cycle

talked to one of my bodybuilder friends who just got invited to Jr. Nationals… talked to him about leaning out some and some steps to take… going to try what he suggested for 2 weeks. he said if i dont see noticeable results in 2 weeks he’ll give me a free membership to his gym. so i’ll hit the diet hard as its not asking for much that i dont like.

and this secret protocol is???

[quote]tonypluto wrote:
and this secret protocol is???[/quote]

nothing crazy

6whole eggs with 1/4 cup egg whites
protein shake with 2 table spoon of natty peanut butter
8oz chicken salad with olive oil
pro. shake with peanut butter
8oz beef/steak almonds/cashews
6 whole eggs or if lazy/short on time casein shake and nuts/olive oil/peanut butter

that 6 days per week and day 7 pig out and eat whatever.

that looks like some seriously low carb diet to me. I’d go mad.

Looks awesome / delicious to me.

Yeah, looks pretty good, especially the day 7 pig out :smiley:

That’s is roughly how I ate (minus the eggs, which I can only eat sparingly) when I did my accidental recomp with intermittent fasting, although I ate large amounts of carbs a couple of times a week, usually PWO, but IF improved insulin sensitivity.

Well you are basically doing a no carb week with a refeed… sure you will lose weight and you will also feel like you’ve lost fat after 1 week cause you will have flushed out a lot of subq water due to the inexistence of carbs in the diet

Would be an excellent diet if you included some peri-workout carbs, IMO. 100 g or so shouldn’t impact your fat loss and would certainly keep your muscles fuller and prevent strength loss.

But then he won’t get the free gym membership!

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Would be an excellent diet if you included some peri-workout carbs, IMO. 100 g or so shouldn’t impact your fat loss and would certainly keep your muscles fuller and prevent strength loss.[/quote]

that’s exactly what I’d do.

i plan to do exactly what he said … he’s the one who has won some big shows…

this was sunday night or monday night… cant remember…


lost some water already, i think…

i put in 50 carbs yesterday over my first 3 meals cause i felt terrible monday… today is a no training day so i’m going no carbs again and hit cardio this morning and going again tonight… getting ready to hit beach so gotta get leaned up a bit.

back acne is getting out of hand… right around week 8 it shows up every time… i think i may cut the cycle short and end it this weekend. we’ll see how the bacne fairs in san diego.

Have you tried going to a tanning bed? Or an anti-bacterial soap? There’s another thread here with some suggestions to dealing with this in it.

i’m more tan than i’d like right now… hit it about 2-3 times each week… trying some dish soap now… but im in San diego… hopefully not sweating my ass off in the gym a few days in a row will help…

cutting the cycle short… only ran for 9 weeks… last pin was monday night… bacne and shoulders getting worse… point of cycle is to look good not look like a pizza, lol.

starting PCT tomorrow night.

Aside from the Acne
How did the cycle go?

got the leanest i’ve been since high school and weighing 180lbs at that time… now 220lbs

i will say i learned alot about diet these past 12 weeks i dieted… only ran cycle for 9 weeks though.

i’d do the same thing again except a bit more TP and no Mast… also might consider the longer esters again… by week 6 the everyday pin was getting to be cumbersome. developed a small knot in left quad thats slowly dissipating but i noticed i started aspirating more blood the more pins i did… had to move sites around a lot.
might use anavar next time and run the same high fat, high protein with a decent amount of carbs depending on how my weight shifts. i’ll use the carbs next time to either gain or lose and cycle them as well. i dont think i put on much muscle to speak of (not like last winter’s cycle, lol) but i learned alot… shrug

i plan to stay on the 0 carb diet and see where it gets me even while OFF. i’ll still put in a few(50-100) carbs on squat and deadlift day just to make it through those workouts…