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T Problem or Just Bad Workouts?

hello guys i am mike…first of all excuse my for my bad languange skills…i am going to cut right to the chase

i am 24 and i have worked out for around 6-7 years…problem is i really havent gained any respectable muscle mass(7 years ago i was fatter and used the first 2 years to lose the fat and become lean)

i have tried plenty of nutriction plans ( 2.500 calories 3.000 calories etc) and havent seen any changes in muscle mass…

i did some testosterone tests and the came in the lower range
500 total(range 310-800 ) 14 free…(range 9 - 40)

now those are low but i dont want to get into needles and such unless its really neccesary ( i can have sex and erection normally)

plenty of doctors and bodybuilders told me that even though my testosterone is lower i can still achieve a respectable muscle mass…

so yeah i found this forum and decided to seek for your help . you guys are the masters of bodybuiling and i think you can help me

what should i do ? go into TRT ? maybe try a nutricion that will actually help me gain mass?

my stats
76 kgr ( have good biceps for my small frame but almost no chest . abs only if i flex)
24 years old

i do weights 3 times per week ( because of low T in order to NOT destroy much muscle )
day 1 : chest bis
2:legs HIIT
3:tris back shoulders

eat around 26.00-2.700 calories on training days . on non training days i lower my carbs

thank you !hope i get some help from this site :slight_smile: