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T people in New York

Hey Hey folks. I’m going to be in New York City starting this Saturday until Tuesday. I’m staying at the New York Marriot East Side. The address is 525 Lexington Ave. Can anyone tell me if there are any good gyms close by there? Preferrably within walking distance of the Hotel. Thanks for your help!


There are loads of good gyms in NYC. Within walking distance of the Marriot is a little tougher. Check out the US Athletic Training Center on 53rd and Madison - it’s a quiet little gym but it’s very well equipped.

Crosstown a bit - NYSC on broadway and 51st is a kick ass gym ( I picked out the equipment when it was originally going to be a Golds) - it, and Prescriptive Fitness (just around the corner on 54th street - right next door to Studio 54) are Charles Poliquin’s favorite gyms in NY.

The Doral Park Fitness Center at 39th and Park is great. I was just there last week and liked it. You can probably get in New York Sports Clubs too. Be sure to spend $18 for a Reuben Sandwich at Carnegie Deli too–the best in NY!

Steve, the are about 8 gyms within a 4 block radius the Marriot where you’re staying. I work at a few of them. You have Metamorphosis on 42nd-(not huge or pretty, but gets the job done), New York Health and Racquet club on 45th and lexington- (which is more sedate, professional and elegant), New York Sports Club on 41st and 3rd.(in between, but pretty big), and a brand new Equinox, which I’ve only seen from the outside, but I’ve heard it is unreal- right next to grand central station.

Got to put a good word in for New York Sport Clubs Had a nice setup at the one I used last year when I was on a project in NYC last year and the people that ran it were easy to deal with.

I want to thank you guys for the info. I really appreciate it!!! And, Jayalan, BTW, I already have it worked out - I’ll be frequenting the Carnegie for breakfast and din din at least 3 out of the 4 days I’m there. I’m a big time corned beef and pastrami man…:slight_smile: