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T or A

A question for the t-men. Do you prefer Big tits or a nice ass on a woman. I myself like big tits then a nice ass.

mmmmm a nice ass mmmmmmm. ok here’s my order, bodywise: ass, stomach, legs, dirty pillows. on the face, a good smile, and i LOOOOOVE piercings. my favorite would have to be the little stud in a girls nose.

I like women in all shapes and sizes, so I really do not have this kind of preference. This may sound corny, but tits and asses don’t mean a thing if there is nothing in the head. Head first, everything else second…

Size doesn’t matter, not even a little bit. If a girl’s got a bad attitude, bad skin, bad hair, bad clothes, a bad walk, is stupid, bad ass, bad etc, it won’t matter how big her boobs are. If all those things are good, it won’t matter how big her boobs are either. I like Roberta Pedon, Linsey McKenzie, Kerrie Marie, Chloe Vevrier, Christy Canyon, Aria Giovanni & Veronica Zemanova though, but they all have good other stuff too.

Welledy welledy welledy…first i’d have to say I look for an athletic body, tit size doesnt matter, the nice ass comes with being athletic…then I check to see their willingness to become, either a fitness model or body builder…if they can’t commit to the gym, I can’t commit to them. Woof Woof

It’s questions and answers like this one that make women resent Playboy and other porn mags!

if a chick ain’t got ass i don’t care what da’ fuck the rest of her looks like. BIB BUTS RULE!!!

GM, I didn’t quite follow your logic there… :slight_smile:

As for my personal preferences, a nice ass is as aesthetically pleasing as the cherry blossoms blooming in Spring. (I’ve been in Japan waaaay too long…)

I personally look at the face first, but when it comes to tits and arse, I prefer an nice arse cos I like sticking my finger up there, nice and deep

hips and ass make the woman.a skinny ass on a woman looks like a guy. anyone can get breast implants.

Definitely the ass. Nice, tight, up-side down heart-shaped with a confident walk. Yeah Buddy!

Ass for sure. Nice ass = women. J Lo anyone?

I like a nice ass…Tits can be made if need be.

Big ass. And hips. This is a sure sign that she is deep in THERE.

Where are you in Japan?

I'll take a nice butt connectced to nice legs.

I forgot Yulia Nova. But I check those girls out just as much as Adriana Sage & Sylvia Saint.

Ass first. Asses can be shaped to look like a work of art with just diet and exercise. Tits are the luck of the draw, some girls get nice perky ones and others don’t. I’ll give the girl with a nice ass credit for her effort over luck of genetics any day.

I just LOVE a women with a nice ass!..And I DONT mean J"Big ugly fat ass"Lopes..Why do guys like that kind of body anyway(small titts and BIG asses)?..BUT the tight ones on Brenda Kelly and Mandy Blank,now THATS something!:slight_smile:
(I know my english sucks…I`m Norwegian)

Drax nice pics for the ladies your a porn dog like me eh? hehehe. As for the titty or bum which is better. Hmmmmmm the chick or the egg. Hehe. Nah me likes nice asses more. But big boobs are really great too. Mmmmmmm what’s my name?

I am the total package kind of guy. I like all shapes of tits and asses. The bigger is not always better. My last girlfriend had 34D or DD. I forget. They were nice too. I loved playing with them. Her but was my favorite though. The thing was that it was small. But it was still nice though. Not to be shallow, but I like a girl to have a B cup at least. I messed with this girl one time and she had nothing. I was a little turned off, But what an ass. She ran track, and had an ass you could bounce quarters off.