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T.O. Is Released!


Today (3/14/2006), T.O. was officially released by the Eagles (thereby avoiding a HUGE bonus they would have had to pay him).

ON THE SAME DAY, Dallas releases Keyshawn Johnson.

Ummmmm...conincidence? (Jerry Jones has been interested in T.O. for some time).

One thing is for sure...T.O. has thrown away some SERIOUS bank...rumor has it that most teams that have talked to him are only considering limited, very incentive-laden, restrictive contracts.

Any thoughts?



Adios, T.O. Amen


Right on man, my sentiments exactly.


As a Cowboys fan, this is a scary time.

Scary, scary, scary.



What a waste of talent though huh?


Philly fans???

(Just guessing!)




I can't stand the Cowboys...but I might actually cheer for them a few times this year if they picked up TO...if he scores he can always sprint to midfield and spike it on the star.


Teams that have expressed and interest and/or have talked to T.O.:



Kansas City




As an Eagles fan, there is nothing TO could do that would surprise me. I almost wish we would've re-signed him and kept him on the bench. I feel like if he's on the Cowboys, he's good for 3 or 4 td's against us on the year.


With Bill Parcells as the head coach with plenty of personel power I dont believe that Bill will put up with TO's bullshit. The first time he screws up, I think he would give him the boot. He might even threaten a him or me situation.


I just want the Cowboys to be good again... please... dear God please...


I heard today on ESPN that Denver made a public statement saying their interest in T.O. was blown way out of proportion by the media. So they may not even care if they get him now...

Anyway, this news isn't as big to me as the moves the Redskins are making... Randel El and Brandon Lloyd!? Good lord...


Oh dude! I was LMAO when I heard that one --- T.O. and Dallas were MADE for each other!


All the Iggles fans were happy when they signed him. I knew it was a mistake and would end badly.

All the Cowboy fans seem excited now. If they really sign him it will be a disaster.

Can you picture TO screaming at Bledsoe after Bledsoe takes a sack?


I don't know a single Cowboys fan who is excited by TO. He's a cancer.


TO is one of those guys with whom I don't care how good he is, (even though he is great and has the potential to break some records)I wish he would just go away. His ego is way too huge and does not do any good for the sport. I'm a Denver fan and I would rather have a losing season, (which we never do :))than pick that narcissistic bastard up.


As a Redskin fan, this would only make it easier to hate Dallas again. Jerry Jones had almost screwed that up by hiring and signing a lot of people whom I either like or greatly respect (Bledsoe, Parcells, Dat Nguyn, etc). Keyshawn along with the long-standing Skins/Cowboys rivalry had allowed me to continue disliking them, but if they sign TO, I can go back to fully despising the Cowboys.

Oddly enough, most of my close buddies are Cowboy fans. NONE of them want TO on their team, either.

You can't argue his talent, though. He's a waste of one of the best receivers the game has seen (equally, a waste of skin).



As a Cowboys fan, I am not overly paranoid about what T.O. would do to the team. Bottom line: He is a phenomenal, big play type of talent, something we have been sorely lacking for years. For that kind of player, the Cowboys have to take a chance. Can he act like a total tool? Good Lord, yes. But it's not like Parcells has not dealt with those kinds of guys before and beyond that, I don't think anyone can really question Terrell's work ethic as a player. He practices hard, trains hard and plays hard.

I honestly think he will be a Cowboy before the week is out... and I deeply hope I don't regret that fact come November.


I hope TO ends up with the Cowboys. It'll make future sweeps against them that much sweeter.



I'm hearing that TO is asking for a big money deal and that Jerrah might give it to him.

As a Redskins fan, I'm going to be laughing for quite a while if Jones actually gives TO a big money, long term deal.

And I can only imagine all the "Tuna is going to retire" rumors will heat up as soon as the ink is dry on the contract if it does happen.

TO is the definition of a million dollar talent with a five cent head.