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T.O. and the Greatest Team in the World

In spite of the final outcome of today’s game . . . I’m sure I can get some T People out there who love the Niners and love TO. The pom pom thing was great, almost as great as the play he made to get to that point. Go Niners baby all the way.

I love the Niners. Always have, always will. However, someone should take those pom poms along with the pen he kept in his sock and the football he signed with it, and shove them all up his ass.


But, without any pass rush we are going nowhere!

Missed most of yesterday’s game against the Packers. Damn.

I've been a Niners fan since way, way back. Even remember when Bill Wash became head coach, what in '79? I was in San Francisco (have relatives there), when the Cowboys were in town for the NFC Championship ('81). We had to drive by Candlestick Park as we drove into the city for some dim sum. Man oh man, it was crazy! The cars all lined up to get into the 'stick. People waving big red #1 signs everywhere. Later at the airport (we were leaving that day), our gate had the only TV in the concourse. EVERYONE was watching this game. And when the Niners won? All hell broke loose (in a GOOD way). It was fabulous. And my feeling of joy was only heightened by the fact that my sister was a HUGE Cowboys' fan. Ah, the feeling was sweet!

I'll never waiver, will always be a Niners fan.

You brought back some memories . . . I’m a youngin but in 94 when the Niners finally beat the Cowboys after three straight years of futility, it was just a party in the streets around the stick the whole night. I wasn’t born until 84 so I missed the catch and all that greatness. Thanks for reminding me of that 94 game though . . . hadn’t thought about it in a while. Keep training hard, happy holidays.

Dont really care for TO. He is good, but hey thats why u get the big bucks. You are SUPPOSED to catch the damn ball. He should thank his other offensive teammates so he can get that lame coverage.

I root for 3 teams. The Redskins, anyone who plays the Cowboys, and anyone who plays the 49er’s. And yeah, I know the Redskins suck this year, but what can I say, I’m a loyal fan…

As for OT, who cares if he wants to be flamboyant? I don't mind if someone wants to stir things up a little. It seems like the NFL could use it.

T.O. is a great receiver, an elite receiver. That play in Sunday’s game where he made the over-the-shoulder catch and shrugged off Mike McKenzie like he was a gnat was amazing. However (you knew that had to be in there didn’t you), I’m a loyal Vikes fan, and even though they suck this year, I’ll take Randy Moss over T.O. any day. As good as T.O. is, Randy’s even better.