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T Numbers - Opinions Needed


I’m soon to be a 45 year old male. I had my annual physical last week and had my blood checked. My numbers came in at 313 total T and 8.1 on free T. I work out 6 days a week, 3
days of weights, 3 days cardio. Non-smoker, moderate drinker. I’m doing the right things but am concerned about the numbers. I have all the symptoms though; irritable, trouble sleeping, a little spare tire and some moderate E.D. My diet is good. Not much sugar, no fried foods etc. My stress levels are high; demanding job and small children to tend to. Marriage is great, job pays well, nice house etc. My life is good but I am wondering if I should attack the stress problem or would T replacement offset how I am feeling. The doctor said I’m border line on the need for treatment but would write me a prescription if need be. Anyone care to comment on my situation and T #'s?


Its not going to get any better. At 313, you are at the bottom of the acceptable range. I’m on TRT for life and its the best thing I ever did. However, its for LIFE or until I get old enough not to care anymore I guess. If you go down this road, there’s no gettng off.

At 51 my libido is out of this world, body fat is low, attitude is great, etc. I do have to give blood every 8 weeks to keep my hemocrit down but that’s about it.

Make sure your Dr is ready to give you an anti-estrogen or you will feel worse than you do now. Ask to be allowed to do self injections, make sure you inject every 3 days or so to prevent peaks and valleys in your test levels.