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T-Nation's Best Fat Loss Diet

Over the last 7 years, T Nation contributors have provided some excellent diet strategies. From T Dawg, to Velocity.

Out of all the diets ever posted, which one were you most successful with? PLease list if you tried more than 1 diet program.

Curious to see what the majority votes for.

The only “diet program” that I’ve followed from T-Nation was Berardi’s Get Shredded Diet. I’m really not a fan of following diets written by others, but I did have great success on that diet.

But of course, with fat loss success comes some muscle loss and strength loss, which I consider a failure to some degree. I liked the way I looked after that diet but I felt weak as shit and that flat out sucks.

As much as people hate this diet I lost a good amount of fat (5 in. of my waste) and barely any strength on Duchain’s bodyopus. Before this, every time I lost fat my strength went to shit.It was hard at first but I got used to it. I followed it with precision, by the book not cutting drastically (-1lb a week). I counted every gram of fat pro. and carb. and weighed everything with a digital scale.

I also did it without any drugs. I knew guys that used AAS and or HGH that kept there size while they got absolutely shredded but their diet advise had me losing too much muscle (although I did get ripped).

Right now I’m bulking up on the Anabolic Diet which is similar to bodyopus. After I get my strength and size back to where it was 3 years ago (bench in the 400’s Squat in the 500’s and 18+in or god willing bigger arms)before my 2 year leave of absence from the gym I’ll cut using the AD. If the AD doesn’t work as well then I’ll go back to bodyopus